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Get Outside and Write

                  Wait...what? Christine, did you just say "get OUTSIDE and write?" How is that possible? It's not a matter of logistics, or finding a stone tablet to rest your quill and parchment, it's a writing...

Marketing Is Easy If You Just Do This

I have heard SO many creative entrepreneurs (soap makers, body care products, bike parts, running gears…) say how they are NO good at marketing. I understand the fear that’s behind this…rejection. Somewhere along the line in our creative ventures someone told us “What...

Deck The Halls With Your Holiday Blog Posts

I know, you want to stay on theme, stay on the topic of your brand and by all means, align with your niche. The Holidays Give You So Much To Write About The great thing about the holidays are, there is so much to write (and talk) about! There’s the spirit, the food,...



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