Picture this… 

Copy so clean the FDA uses you as the example of the right way to write web pages and product descriptions

Are you being“shopped” by the FDA?

My superpower…

To clean the claims (“reduces inflammation”, “cures rosacea and acne”) separate you from the huddled massed (you know, everyone else saying “reduces the appearance of”) and make your brand stand out.

Here are 3 ways you can work with me.

Web Copy & Claims Audit

“The description for one of my products said that both lavender & tea tree have antibacterial properties. “

You’re selling online!

Underneath your beautiful images and top-notch products…

…there could be trouble brewing in your messaging.

In an in-depth review, I’ll get to the bottom of your copy problem.


Done in a day

Can I hire you for the day?

Why, yes…yes you can!

Not all projects are full websites, sales pages or email campaigns.

A short email series, a web page or two, a landing page that needs optimizing, or copy and claims that need rewriting, this could be just what you need.

Smart and colorful copy in a day. Let’s chat and we’ll see what you need.


Conversion Copywriting

“I need a professional that can write this for me.”

You’ve got a project that needs to be done right (and you really don’t want to get tied-up in studying copywriting.)

Your website. A landing page. A sales page. An email campaign. I wrote copy that’s optimized for clarity, claims and conversions.  (And with personality so your customers feel like they are your “one-and-only.”)

Research-based and results-driven.

This is how it all works

We start at the Beginning

A conversation is the best starting place.

We’ll start with a 20-30 minute Zoom call to see what’s going on – what’s going on with your business, frustrations with your current copy and the timeframe for your project.

If we’re a fit…then the fun begins!


Planning, research and data gathering

I follow a very specific conversion copywriting process.

We’ll begin with discovery, roadmapping and planning. Once we’re clear on goals and plans, I’ll start researching and collecting Voice-of-Customer data through surveys, client interviews, review mining and competitor analysis.

Writing, editing & wireframing

Once the data is gathered, it’s time to put the structure together and words on the page.

This is the creative part where your pages and emails will come to life. Once the first draft is created, we’ll come together to validate the information and make sure we’re on point. Then revisions will be made for final approval.

Then it’s on to wireframing your copy so it’s ready for your web designer to add to your site.


Implementing, testing and optimizing 

Once your copy is on your website, the real work begins! This is where all the research and data gets put to the test. Through user-testing, split-testing or multivariate testing we’ll gather analytics to see how your copy is performing. When we have this information we can tweak and optimize your copy and test again. 

Let’s get started on your project.

Contact me to kick things off. This will be more fun than you think!