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Customized Conversion Copywriting Project


Customized Conversion Copywriting Project

Has your marketing been working just “okay”?

Are you getting trickles of new clients instead of gushes?

Have you been getting ones-and-twos for orders, but you want double or triple digit orders a day?

Is this good enough for you? If it is, you can skip this message.

If, however, it’s not good enough and you want to move to the next level in your business,  then your messaging hierarchy and marketing strategy needs to change!

If you want to get clear on your copy and content strategy in an all-encompassing, research-based deep dive, where every page on your website gets and overhaul, this is for you!

Mind you, it’s not for the meek! It’s intense!

We’ll lay it all on the table!

We’re going to lay it all on the table – literally and figuratively – to see where you are now and where you need to be in order to create content that will captivate your customers and earn you a loyal client base.

If you have been trying to reach the “wrong” type of customers, you’ll feel as if you’re invisible. It seems like NO ONE sees your messages or even notices your great product offers.

However, when you reach your ideal audience you’ll feel like a rock-star!hands-together-in-a-group

Not only will they want to hear from you, they’ll want to know all about your products and they’ll want to tell their friends about you!

And this is just the start of our work together!

This is what a customized project looks like:.

  • Discover what sets you apart from others in your industry. We’ll make you a unique brand in the sea of many.
  • Dig deep into your ideal audience – how they think, feel and buy – with the 40 Questions client questionnaire
  • Research and collect VOC (voice-of-customer) data through in-depth surveys, interviews and review mining. Uncovering the minute details is key to conversion messaging.
  • Establish your goals & intentions for marketing and content strategy
  • Create your Ecommerce Marketing Plan – complete with marketing calendar for the year!

After you’ll walk away with:

  • A clearly defined ideal target audience that WANTS you and what you have to offer!
  • Marketing copy and content written to create an audience experience and make you an authority in your business.
  • Emails, autoresponder, direct marketing, product offers and more…to grow your audience for conversions and sales
  • A PLAN! You can’t get to where you want to be in your business without a roadmap to get there!
  • Marketing strategies that will get you in front of the “right” people for your products – and grow your business.

Yes, you’ll have to make an investment!

You’ll need to invest your TIME! You’ll need to commit to all the exercises we’ll do together AND you’ll need to trust me to write claim-free copy what will get you clicks and conversions!

You have my promise that I will invest in giving you the resources, time and expertise you need to move your marketing and content strategy to the next level!

If you’ve felt lost in your efforts and are ready to get clear, I’m ready to help you!

If you’re ready to create a solid marketing place that will grow your business, CLICK HERE to schedule your initial project call!