When the biggest problem with your business…is your own marketing



Get it together and manage your marketing the right way.

Despite the fact that you –

  • Write your newsletters
  • Promote your products on social media 
  • Know the value of marketing, the importance of understanding your ideal customer, go to shows and events to generate leads

You still feel like your marketing is scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand

…and you’re stressed!


While you’re doing your own manufacturing, elbow deep in everything you love about making your product…


…your marketing is inconsistent


…you have a hard time figuring out what to write in your emails


…you wonder “why can’t marketing feel as easy as producing and packaging thousands of products for holiday sales”

It’s like you have all the pieces to the puzzle, 

but no clear picture to help you put it together

The thing is, it’s not all on you.

Marketing trends come and go (as do the “gurus”) and it’s hard to really figure out which ones will work for you and your business (big promises, small results.)


You’ve thought about hiring someone to do your marketing for you but then your anxiety goes up wondering


…how much will they charge me – can I afford it?

…will they get me and my brand?

…will it work?!

Welp, I have just the thing

Imagine your email list growing and you hardly have to try (because your reader just landed on your opt-in and it’s exactly what she needed – you mind reader you 😉 )


Just think…writing your emails with ease! (Like, when you sit at your computer and the words just flow out of you.)


And that you have a marketing plan that actually works for you (no more scrambling and last-minute campaigns because you forgot.)


If only you knew someone who had years of maker experience, is a marketing nerd, and is willing to share…

Hey there, I’m Christine ~


Originally from upstate NY (the real upstate, I still have the accent), lover of chocolate labs and caramel vizshlas and…marketing nerd (3 decades,) conversion copywriter (I have the badges to prove it 🙂 ,) and content marketing strategist.

And along with everything above…

I’m a maker of many, many things – bridal veils, baby clothes (Julia Andrews bought one for her grandson) aromatherapist, chocolatier (lavender truffles anyone?), natural skin & body care (manufactured for 18 years)…and if you like…that very someone.

Yep, I know a thing or two about what it takes to have a creative business.

Which is pretty serendipitous because my success as a maker is due almost entirely on my understanding of marketing and sales (based on empathy, not bro-marketing) to connect with people in an authentic and non-salesy way.

Ring a bell – like the same thing your success as a maker depends on?

Yeah, the products I created may be a little different, but the laws of empathy, connection…and marketing…remain the same.


And I have not doubt that this understanding of people (on a deeper level), as well as sales process and marketing strategies have given me the advantage as a creative entrepreneur.


It meant I was able to:

  • Grow my business from scratch to a regional wholesale business and a US online brand with 6 figure revenue.
  • Repeat the results time and again (with each creative brand) and even create waiting lists for in-demand products.
  • As well as understand FDA & FTC requirements for labeling and claims to ensure that FDA agents would NOT be knocking on my door.


Maybe you want that for you and your business…


Which means you’re in the right place because I’m offering to pass all my knowledge, PLUS the advantage that comes with it, on to you.




The Maker Marketing Masterclass

Your path to mastering the methods of creative business marketing

The Maker Marketing Masterclass is a 6 week deep-dive brain-trust for all things makers (at least where marketing is concerned.)

It’s where we work together to create marketing messages and process that is backed-by-data and tackles everything from VOC research for copy and content, and FDA regs on what you can-and-cannot say, to effectively nudge tire-kickers and window-shoppers.

When our time together is complete you’ll be able to…

  • Set your messaging up for success right from the start…thanks to VOC data
  • Know what makes your prospects feel like they are in the right place (like you read their mind)
  • Write messaging quickly and confidently – without a second thought as to what to say
  • Get better results for your wholesale accounts – because your marketing stands out from the crowd
  • Increase your online sales – since your messages are not the usual generic, boring words
  • Feel confident in your knowledge, understanding and skills to persuade without being salesy (because your prospects know you’re being authentic)


That would feel pretty great – huh?!

Here’s what we’ll cover


Week 1: Discover the gaps and holes

  • Audit your website to find what is and isn’t working
  • Review your lead gen funnel
  • Go over product descriptions to add your unique brand voice and tone (generic is not for you)


Week 2: Knowing your ideal client to build know, like and trust 

  • Take a deep dive to know and understand what makes your prospects tick
  • Learn VOC (voice-of customer) research and how it makes you a “mind-reader”
  • How to survey, message-mine and ask the questions that your customers are saying


Week 3: Write webpages and product descriptions that engage and convert 

  • Learn how to write web copy that stands out from the crowd – and starts to build customer relationships
  • Understand the art of the opt-in and new prospect welcome series – to make them feel like part of your brand fam
  • Write product descriptions that are fun, captivating and get you more sales


Week 4: Build a better funnel – and generate the kind of leads that turn into loyal customers

  • The art of the opt-in – it’s not just a newsletter anymore
  • Write welcome sequences that make people feel at home with your brand
  • Abandoned cart messages that get you more sales


Week 5: Email Marketing & Direct Mail – your golden ticket to repeat customers and sales 

  • Not just another newsletter in an inbox – learn what your list really wants to get from you
  • Frame offers and specials that don’t sound salesy or pushy
  • Catalogs, postcards and fun stuff to drop in your customer’s mailbox – they love this stuff


Week 6: Content marketing – your plan and strategy for the long game

  • FINALLY know what content works and what doesn’t – make it valuable, relevant and informative
  • Develop your content plan for the year – in bitesize 90-day goals and tasks
  • How to put your content out into the world so it gets seen and clicked.

And here’s how we’ll do it each week


We’ll spend 6 weeks together – from April 15 – May 20 – working together, brainstorming, planning and writing your messages.


Each week we’ll go live on ZOOM for 60 – 90 minutes to learn, research and implement the lessons and strategies – AND go over all your questions so you can confidently take action.


Each call will be recorded so you can watch, re-watch and watch again 😉 all the lessons so they stay fresh and clear in your mind.


And when you join…


You’ll have lifetime access to all the lessons – with videos, worksheets, checklists and transcripts so you always have the info at hand.


6 live 60-90 minute workhops that take place every Monday at noon ET – which is always recorded in case life keeps you from joining.


6 weeks of a brain-trust to share ideas, bounce info and content off of and Q&As to get all your questions answered.

Slack channel for all our conversations, brainstorms, doc sharing, community and collaborating.


I deep-dive copy/content critque (delivered in google doc) to help you design, write and provide the valuable messages your audience wants (and needs) to help grow your business and increase your sales.

Join the Maker Marketing Masterclass

Next Class Starts April 15, 2020

Maybe you really, really, really don’t want to write your own marketing messages…

You could hire me for…


Website copy, content & claims audit – $847

Product Descriptions (10 for $1200)

Day rate (whatever can fit into a 7 hour day) $1500

Email Welcome sequence $1800

Website Copy starts at $2500

Full Product Launch (included landing page, email sequences and sales page) $ 8500

Custom Projects start at $10,000

I see you’ve made it to the bottom of the page…

That tells me two things…

  • You’re wondering if this is really what you need
  • You’re thinking you don’t have the time to do this

Only you can know if having this kind of attention and knowledge is right for you and your business.

As far as the time…it’s why I wanted to have this class at the beginning of the year because I know you just got off the busy holiday season…and are getting ready for a new, even busier year.


Before you go, there’s something I want to say…

I am deep-down, in my heart EXCITED about all the ways The Maker Marketing Masterclass is going to transform your business and your confidence.

Truly, I mean, imagine what you could achieve with –

  • A process that works – like your SOPS – no matter what stage your business is at
  • The ability to help your customers, what they really want and need, because you know them so much better – almost as much as your BFF
  • Knowing that you’ve really GOT THIS with less frustration and more fun with your marketing
  • A data and science-based understanding of writing copy and content…so no more clever guessing

The only thing standing between you and all this?

Your decision to get your derriere inside.

The next move is yours.




Join the Maker Marketing Masterclass

Next Class Starts April 15, 2020

Let’s get started on your project.

Contact me to kick things off. This will be more fun than you think!