Content marketing is a key piece to any business growth.

Small businesses with blogs get 126% higher lead growth than small businesses without blogs.

But blogs are not the only content that’s turning heads.

So many times makers ask “what do I write about“ or I don’t have enough to say or I hate marketing. Which is the extreme but only because you’re not given the right tools to make marketing easy.

So let me give you a few content ideas for your kind of marketing.

From these main content ideas you can break them down to blog posts social media posts if you’re on a podcast you can talk about them or if you’re writing for somebody else or in our magazine or even picked up by HARO you’ll have things to talk about.

There are different ways you can create content. Here are some ways to get your content to work for you.

Rest your palpitating heart! You do not have to do ALL of these. Pick 2 or 3 ways you can confidently, and consistently produce content. Then stick with it for a few months to get some traction.

I don’t want you to think that content is all about talking about your business. Iit’s more about creating content that is valuable to your audience. Something that your reader can learn or use to help them answer a question, help them figure out a problem, or give them insight into what they desire. 

It’s a piece of information that is helping your reader know like and trust you and see you as an expert in your field.

As you develop your content and create a strategy for your business, remember that content marketing is a long game so you need to create enough content that will help you post and put it out over the next 12 to 18 months.

Was that you I just heard hitting the ground?

Get up, dust yourself off because it’s really not that hard!

It’s really pretty easy once you have a plan in place.

I’m going to give you a content strategy spreadsheet –> check out the pop-up and add your name and email to get it ASAP.

Trying to think of content last minute or willy-nilly, because you realized you that you need to put out a blog post or you haven’t posted on social media in a while or you haven’t sent an email to your list, is not the plan that will build your audience and get your new subscribers.

Planning your content out keeps you from anxiety and hitting the whiskey bottle. It helps you become better prepared to talk about things that matter to your readers so that they keep following and can’t wait for your next piece of content.

Start with a theme

This is a technique I’ve used for a long time where I theme my months. 

I think allows you to think of an overall topic for the month and then break down that topic into bite-size pieces of content that you can use week after week as a blog post on social media posts.

So themes for the month could be August

  • Vacation safety…best body care products for sun and sand
  • Your 10 top ingredients and why to use them.
  • how to take care of your skin in the hot summer song, 
  • self-care for those hundred degree days
  • 12 months of fresh grown herbs from your window box

From your theme you can get specific

Once you have your theme you can easily break down into 4 to 5 different topics within that theme.

For example, if Top 10 ingredients and why to use them, is your theme for the month, you can write about 2 ingredients a week. That will give you 5 weeks on content.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • The sweet truth about sweet almond oil
  • Essential oil safety for the non-aromatherapist
  • A brief history of cacao – the food of the Gods
  • The A-Z of herbs for vegan recipes
  • 2 truths and a lie about lye

If your theme is self-care for those hundred degree days…

  • What self-care really means. 
  • Curling up with a bucket of ice, your favorite wine and a good book…here are a few of my favorites 
  • The Iceberg meditation – cooling your spirit while calming your mind.
  • Beat the heat with these cool fabrics next to your skin

Content isn’t as hard as we make it out to be

And don’t just think “blog post”! You can create guides, postcards, share your brilliance on podcasts, design an infographic, make audio of a meditation, FB or Instagram lives.

Then share!

If your content lives in one place, it won’t do it’s job. Push out your content to all your social media channels. For a group of like-minded business owner where you can share each other’s content (because…algorithms like that.)

Remember that content marketing is a long game, but one that will build your authority in your industry.

Grab your content strategy spreadsheet - and create awesome content

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