Conversion Copywriting & Marketing Strategy for you…Maker

Messaging and marketing for product makers making a difference 

Making your words tantalizing, enticing and engaging to get more customers

…so you can sell more of what you make

Brands I’ve worked with

You make an insanely cool product but…


Trade shows, expos and farmers markets have been your best avenue of getting new customers so far.


…it’s exhausting

…you don’t have time for yourself and

…sometimes you feel like quitting.

So, you set up your online store but are having a tough time getting sales. 

…no one’s buying.

And the words echo on…

 “I just don’t have the time or the skill to do ALL of this on my own.” 


You say to yourself…

“I NEED to make more damn money.”

You’ve tried creating messages out of thin air, but that doesn’t work.

Neither does copying someone else’s website.

Writing those snappy, attention-getting messages that convert aren’t as easy to write as it looks.

Ready for a better way?

Or are you okay with struggling for online sales and hoping you’ll get noticed for Oprah’s Favorite Things?


I write copy so your brand stands out and converts like a boss

Make your messaging a priority. I certainly will.

What They Said…

My website had all the pieces, nice photos, great products, but my bounce rate was too high and I did not understand why my online sales were not anywhere near where they should be. Then I met Christine Laureano. She helped streamline the copy and more importantly, the look of my landing, product and category pages.

Roberta Perry, Owner @ Scrubs Body Skin Care Products

As a creative entrepreneur,  you NEED to find the right words

(you know, the ones that make you more money.)



Having time to grab your grande sweet cream because you’re not struggling to find the right words to write your marketing messages.

Feeling confident because your messaging is spot on and connecting with your prospects (and your Stripe account is cha-chinging with sales.)

You’re well-rested (and your pup loves the extra snuggles in bed) instead of trying, faltering, starting over and staying up until 3am thinking of how to make your marketing ideas happen. 

And…all the people that are buying during BFCM, shop local Saturday, and all the other days because of your badass emails.

Hi, I’m Christine Laureano

If you’re struggling with all the puzzle pieces to convert more website visitors into paying customers, implementing email automation, OR just creating a more robust strategy that will 10x your sales…

Motivated makers hire me to write messaging that makes more online sales.



Better words...more sales!

Dry, lifeless copy has no business on your web site, sales messages or email campaigns.

To get the attention of your customers, your messaging needs to meet them, smack-dab where they are and join the conversation in their head.

You can lead a horse (*erm...visitors) to water and watch them drink

It starts with small steps…and micro “yeses.”

Your customers want to be lead, not pushed.

Mapping your customer’s journey coaches them toward a solution – and the conversion. (aka more sales)

Plan your landing pages, email marketing and sales pages for product launches that boost revenue.

You've got to make a plan and work the plan (...thanks dad)

You can NOT fly by the seat of your pants on this one! (believe me, I tried)

A solid, written content strategy gives you an executable plan that keeps you on track and consistent.

Create, publish and distribute your content to generate quality leads and drive engagement.

Yeah, I take this stuff pretty seriously