How would you feel if the fda “shopped” your booth on the trade show floor. OR stalked you online?


…are your marketing messages up to FDA snuff?

I’ve heard people say…

“They try to get vendors to say things off-label to catch them.” (Anti-Inflammatory • Anti-Fungal • Rosacea Treatment)


 “FDA inspectors can find you on the internet and decide to visit based on claims made on your website.” (Calendula is known to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulating) It’s rare.


Medical or drug claims in your copy are illegal

I know, it’s not fair, (I hear this from SO many  beauty, personal care, and natural products businesses that use specific ingredients for the “healing” properties) but it’s the law. 

Do the right thing and the FDA’s good-natured and here to protect consumers.

When you have copy that’s drug-claim-free, (there’s no need to buddy up to the FDA officer) it expresses the real personality of your brand (no copy-cats for you), connects with your customer’s dreams, wishes, fears, and struggles, AND gets you the leads and money your business wants.

Are you in?

Or are you okay with getting stalked, hoping the rules don’t apply to you because your business is small, or taking your chances and dealing with it when you get caught?


Start HERE to clean up your copy

Make Your Copy a Priority. I certainly will.


What They Said…

My website had all the pieces, nice photos, great products, but my bounce rate was too high and I did not understand why my online sales were not anywhere near where they should be. Then I met Christine Laureano. She helped streamline the copy and more importantly, the look of my landing, product and category pages.

Roberta Perry, Owner @ Scrubs Body Skin Care Products


If you’re struggling to accomplish your marketing goals (like getting more qualified leads or converting more website visitors into paying customers,) OR you want to implement email automation OR you just need a more robust marketing strategy…

Yeah, I take this stuff pretty seriously