Natural Products 

No more lifeless product descriptions.

No more wild claims getting you into trouble.

And definitely NOT the usual vague, businessy

blah blah blah marketing copy.


Engage More Customers

Increase Email Subscribers

Win Loyal Customers

Sell More Products

A product business like yours is anything but business as usual

…which is why your web copy, product descriptions and email campaigns need to be as unique as the products you started from your kitchen table.

Ba6 Marketing is your one-stop for all conversion-focused marketing. We work with natural product brands who are ready to play like the big brands – while keeping your indie charm!

Consulting with Christine

Done-for-You Copywriting

Web Copy & Claims Review

Why Work With a Conversion Copywriter?

Expand your brand’s reach

Your website, product promotions and social media posts need copy that connects with your reader AND gets them excited about your brand! 

Engage YOUR audience

Product descriptions that engage customers, help them see that you are their solution, and gets them to take action means more sales.

Increase AOV

Clever and fluffy words don’t get you more sales (sadly.) Effective email marketing campaigns and product promotions do!

Put an end to crickets…

That deafening silence when no one reads your stuff. Good copy keeps people reading…all the way down the page…coaching them to take action.

Website Copy

Product Descriptions

Email Campaigns

I brought Christine in on a challenging project – where other writers were having a hard time nailing the exact right voice. Christine somehow cut through the noise and delivered an email series that not only captured the exact right voice; but needed no revisions. Not only did she make it easy for me, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever get to work with.
Amy Posner

Online Marketing Strategy & Conversion-Focused Direct Response Copy,

My website had all the pieces, nice photos, great products, but my bounce rate was too high. My online sales were not anywhere near where they should be, based on the size of my business.

Her clear, concise information made me realize how over-done and over-worded my website was. She helped streamline the copy and more importantly, the look of my landing, product and category pages.

Roberta Perrt

Owner & Formulator, Scrubz Body Skin Care Products


I’m Christine, a Conversion Copywriter, natural product manufacturer (roll up your sleeves) 

The difference between big national brands and you is not great products (we both know your products win hands down)…

…it’s great messaging.

Yes, they happen to have:

…huge budgets for marketing 

…a staff of copywriters and designers

…spend more on marketing than on product R&D

Your messaging can be just as brilliant and even more effective!

Because you have personality, soul and a driving passion for your products.

What you need is copy (really good words) that engages your ideal audience, creates trust and delivers what you promise – a really great product.

My Approach

Customer research first

Not only are customers the heart and soul of your business success…they are the key to writing your best copy. The process starts long before any words are written. Gathering VOC, voice-of-customer, data is our starting point and allows us to understand their issues, desires and dreams.

Then comes organizing and writing

Once we gather our data we don’t just slap words on a page (we all know where that gets us.) We organize customer thoughts, feelings, and desires in order to formulate copy that guides and coaches them to the product solution that will work best for them…and keep them coming back for more.

Testing and optimizing

Once copy is written, we don’t set it and forget it! The key to conversions is knowing what words and working…and what words aren’t. We use tools like analytics, heatmaps,  and A/B testing to find the hole and gaps then we optimize the copy for better results.

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