Asking for help, pivoting, and a “do it anyway” attitude to grow your business.

If you ever doubt yourself or think you can’t promote yourself, or create videos in order to make your brands known to the world…

Then today’s episode is for you!

My guest today is La Shinda Tyree of Nyah Beauty.

I first met LaShonda many years ago as a member of the Indie Business Network.

She is mild-mannered, kind, and knows an absolute ton about making soap and skincare. As a matter of fact, she’s been teaching it for many years. People pour into her classes like the Bath Fizzy class, Inner Soap Chemist – The Chemistry of Soapmaking, Vegan candle making and her Soap Making Intensive

As well as her popular event Sip & Soap.

She’s been growing her business Nyah Beauty because of her expertise and amazing products.

When you hear things like…

“I am addicted to Nyah’s sugar scrubs. I pack them with me wherever I go .”


“I don’t think I will ever use Dove soap or Jergens lotion ever again. The Indianwood Rose is my favorite. OMG.”

You know La Shonda is on the right track with her business and her marketing.

And then there are the pivots.

From email marketing to social media to getting found in a google search…how many podcast should I be on…do I need to be at events…do I need to do video…we all have those questions.

I remember the thought of going LIVE on video made LaShonda almost freeze in her tracks.

She knew it had to be part of her marketing and was apprehensive…but she did it anyway.

So she made the pivot…she got on FB Lives…and then did other videos and now there’s no stopping her.

In this episode, we talk about pivots and finding the resources and being an “asker”, which means asking for help to make it so much easier to take those pivots in stride.

So pull your chair up to the kitchen table with us and enjoy the show.


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Full Transcript (non-edited version)


And welcome lashonda Welcome to two hands made this.



Thank you, Christine.



I’m so excited to have you on the show today. Because, you know, we get we, I want to say we’ve been friends for, you know, through Indie for so long, we’ve we haven’t been able to have too much face to face time, especially lately. And as we were saying on our chat before we started the recording. The last time we were all able to get together was well on our retreat in Aruba. And my whole life has changed since that’s



one year ago, one year ago, about two days ago. I think the 13th was when we traveled. Yes. So Wow, it has been one year,



it hasn’t been Yeah. And you know, I was thinking about this, that, you know, the reason we were there is to sit down and brainstorm and talk about business and talk about what’s next. And it’s been really interesting, because everything that we did around the tables, then, you know, a month later was completely different.



Yes, yes, we






pick up and pivot, right? pivot, yes.



And I have to say this, because we’ve said this before, not 361 8090 45 degrees, whatever your pivot was, we definitely all had to pivot. And it’s been interesting. And you know, as you know, this show is all about marketing. And boy, did we have to change marketing over the past year as well, because you know, what we had been doing before that we I don’t want to say, I don’t want to say felt wrote, you know, felt like, you know, it was just like something that we did and was on autopilot. And it was all, you know, working and whatnot. So it made us very mindful of how we had to change that. Right?



Yes, very mindful. Yes. I mean, things that were working, like you said at that time, or the things that you were selling at that time, you may have had to change, because of the dynamic of what COVID or the pandemic actually did to your business.



Yeah, yes, exactly. Which is really interesting, because you know, again, and we’ll get into like your kitchen table epiphany in just a second. But it really makes us think, you know, how lucky we are as business owners to be able to do that. You know, and as people that make product, that we’re able to help each other out, we’re able to collaborate, we’re able to talk about what we do next. Because we don’t, you know, not necessarily living in a bubble. So, you know, that was one thing I really listened to a lot over this past year. And it’s been very interesting to me how everybody has changed, and how just the dynamic of their business has changed. So I’m excited to hear you how you dive into what you’ve done, and how things have changed and what it looks like for you. But before we get there, can you talk about since we’re all around the kitchen table? Can you talk about that kitchen table epiphany you had when you first started?



Wow, that was probably let’s see, it was September to one to one. So 2001 and I was making has started playing around with actually candles, I was trying to make paraffin candles because soy candles weren’t the thing at that time. And I had a hard time getting those candles out the mold. So I went back to the craft store, buy more wax, back to the craft store, buy more wax, and then I bought so which was like write the I call it crafting soap because craft store is already made, you just have to craft it up a little bit, put your scent and your colors and whatever you envision it to be. And that worked. That worked so easy. And then I gave the soaps to family and friends and particularly my mother and she was the main one to say make more. But I started selling you know here and there have always been like a little side hustle thing going on. I worked full time in accounting. And so I just needed that creative therapy. You know, if I made a few bucks on it, it was great. But I started to really enjoy making it. I enjoy playing with the colors in the sense and trying new things and making new things and joining these groups that were well this was pre Facebook. So this was more Yahoo groups. And so those were like really where you would like type in your comment and then you would wait for a response right? You had to wait for it okay by email. So unless you went in and logged in, you can see it in the account a little bit more quicker. But just learning from others that you talked about within our community. It was I found the community be very sharing like they wish There are all kinds of recipes, I learned how to make lip balms, lotions, everything that I’ve made. I’ve learned from others I’ve learned from others. And so, but my epiphany came when I actually was working in banking, and I was like, wow, I was involved in a bank merger, actually. And I was just like, wow, I wish one day I could do this full time. And my wish came, my wish came about two years after that wish, and just jumped out and took the opportunity, and started my business full time. That wasn’t easy. No, but that was, I think, when I decided, you know, okay, you let’s, let’s try this and see if it’ll work.



Yep, yep. And you took the leap. Yes. And it was he will. And I think with all of us, when we do that, when we stop that full time and go into our passion products and our products and all that, it’s like that leap of faith, like okay, but you just really make it work because you love it. And then it gets out into the world. And, and, yeah, I mean, your products, and just, I love all the stuff that you make, you know, just just the way you’ve done it and you know, how you’ve marketed yourself and you know, you’ve come such a long way. And you’ve done it How can you say this? what’s the word I’m looking for? Maybe or old school Yahoo groups and you know, really before you know, the technology came before social media came I was that that too? You know, I had none of that was around when I first started making products. So how did you when when it came to marketing and I want to talk first about creating diabetes brand voice and what that process looks like for you. Because obviously, you know, not only do we need to know the people we’re selling to but we have to create a brand and you know, create a voice to be able to create marketing that connects with people. So what was that like for you?



Honestly, initially, I never had that in my head. It was like you said the passion behind making the products and enjoying it and hearing the good feedback from people. So I never really initially thought about a brand like initially so when I started selling my products, you know going out and vending, I had a company it was called precious keepsakes, so hey, let me just call my brand precious keepsakes. Then I was vending one day and I was just like precious keepsakes, precious keepsakes, cuz I used to make like t shirts that keeps a kind of things. And I was like, yeah, that don’t quite go with soaps and lotions and beauty products. So I was like, Okay, let’s figure out something else a little bit more cohesive. So then I went with sweet scent, scent, SC and s, C, E and T. Sweet sensations. And I was okay, that’s better. But then came the next time around, I was actually another bending moment. And I’m looking at my brand because I’m like, all my labels were different. They had different designs, because I was designing my own labels using photo. Was that programming publisher at Microsoft posture? Yeah, you know, so I was making my own labels and everything and but I was like, there’s no cohesiveness, like, they’re all different colors. They’re all different designs like that. And so then came, all right, I need to speak to someone who’s professional, someone, I’ve taken it as far as I could take it is now to actually reach out to someone else who knows about branding, who knows about that kind of stuff. So I actually met a gentleman at a networking event that I attended with a college friend of mine, and he was in marketing. And I reached out to her, I said, Can you get us information, you know, so I called him out of the blue. And within 24 hours, he came up with an idea. And I didn’t give him the name. I just told him I wanted something clean. I wanted something simple, not really realizing that was part of my brand. You know, I wasn’t thinking along those lines that I wanted clean and simple. And so he came back with Nyah, which actually is his niece’s name. And I said, Well, what does that mean? Like, does it mean something, he was like your purpose and I was like, Okay, I like that. I like that. And so that was where my tagline came in beauty with the purpose. So but Nyah was short. It was a clean, the lettering was clean, and then the leaf gives it the, you know, the natural kind of kind of aspect to it. So I really didn’t know that I was creating a brand at that moment. I knew I needed to go, you know, I had to I had to take it up a notch, you know, and so even to this day, and I’ve had That logo. I think he designed that in like 2003, if I’m not mistaken, if it’s not 2003 was 2004. But it’s almost been like 20. Some years, it’s almost been 20 years, like, so I’m like, people today still tell me they like the logo like, so that tells me that it was something that’s recognizable. Some people have even said, I’ve seen this before. And I’m like, Yeah, no. This was like, early on, like, no. But I like the fact that you feel that way. Yeah, you know, so. So that was that was I think the initial brand voice, something simple, something clean. And I didn’t even realize that’s what I was going for. You know,



and and that’s so interesting, too, because I think we all kind of started that way. We just, you know, we made product. And then we realized we can only take it as far as we can. I did the same thing I had, I didn’t have publisher, what have I have? I still have it CorelDRAW. Okay, so people like you still use it. And like, I just keep updating it, you know, Photoshop, I just keep updating it and illustrator. But I did the same thing. And we don’t realize that, you know, that we’re heading in the direction of having like a real business, a real business, you know, where we need to think about the branding and thing, it was good that you found somebody that you thought, well, I gotta find somebody for this. So before we get into the marketing things that you’ve done over the years, because one of the things I’m finding for for product makers, especially is finding people to collaborate with like that, you know, how did you how did you find I mean, you found through your friend. And that is such a great way. Obviously, referrals and networking are super important. Have you used that same, you know, networking to help you out with finding other business advice?



Oh, yeah, definitely. Because I always feel that I feel more comfortable dealing with someone that I know someone else has had a positive experience with. And so or if someone that I trust, say to me, you know, you need to deal with this person. So even recently talk about just growing, I hired someone that’s helping me with my marketing. So and that was a big leap for me, because, you know, it’s hard sometimes to let things go. But also, you got to realize that the point, yeah, I’m more of a detriment to myself, because I’m not keeping up with what I need to do. I need to let go and let someone else so the person who actually designed my logo refer this person to me, so I trust him. Yeah, I trust his recommendation. So that helped, because I didn’t really have to go and search it connecting yourself with organizations. Like for me, I am. In New Jersey, there’s an organization called rising pty capital that is near and dear to my heart. They teach entrepreneurship, I took one of their entrepreneurship classes, and now I teach entrepreneurship for them. But what I love about this organization is not that they teach you and you go through this many places, they’ll have all how to get started in business. And, you know, you go through a general business plan and overview, but they support you afterwards. So if I ever have any problem, or any issue, or if I need a lawyer, or I need someone to review a contract, or if I want someone to help me, actually the person who recently who did my website, and who did buy a rebranding of my packaging my labels was was through that organization. So, you know, it’s someone that I can trust, I know, I’m not going to be taken advantage of, you know, someone that’s gonna follow through or what they say they’re going to do, which can be something that we become a little bit afraid of, do we really trust people? So yeah, I think reaching out to our communities, you know, hey, who do you use for this? Can someone recommend, like, even recently, for me, I need a packaging help. And I’m one of my clients. They’re rebranding, their packaging, but they want to make it so that they can cross brand because they represent several brands. And so now I have to go look for the packaging, and I’m like, so where do I go? Cuz I know, hardly anything about this, you know, because it’s new for me. And so I go to any business network, and I post a question to see what I’m going to get. I posted some other groups on Facebook, to see what other feedback I’m gonna get, because there’s people who are at different levels than we are so why not reach out and ask and get the get the support there?



You know, that’s such a good point. And, you know, I know like, you know, the the indie group that we belong to is super collaborative. And I love hearing, you know, from different people, because you do have to reach out to either your local community or other groups or whatever, that the collaboration is so important, and people are so open to Hey, you know, try this packaging person, try this graphic designer, Hey, I know web person, because I think you’re like you said you’ve got to really be able to try People with your baby, you know, your business is your baby. And you know that and we know too. And again, this goes kind of into our ugly cries, which we’ll get into in a minute. But you know, not finding the right person, you know, can cost you a lot of money and can set you back. So I love that you’re talking about this, because letting other other rising stars feel comfortable with the fact that there are people out there that are going to help that can help point you in the right direction. Yes, so. And as we talk about that, so let’s talk about marketing. Let’s talk about some of those things that you’ve done over the years. So you don’t have to go back to the beginning. But you know, some of those main things that you’ve done before, before we start the ugly cries of failed ones, just in general,



um, email marketing, I think is so key, I think we get so stuck on social media. And I know I do, too, you know, I get caught in that hype, I can’t hide, you know, where I have to post every day. And I gotta have my camera out. And I’m missing a moment right now. And let me capture this. And it’s like, Ah, you know, so but I think we really, if we nurture our email list, like we should, I think we would definitely you come out on top, you’ll see you’ll actually see the sales come in on a more regular basis. The social media is good, as well, you know, because you’re now we’re all into this community kind of creating through social media. So I think that’s what’s important about social media, is creating that social side of it. So the social media, because it’s changed a lot from when we first started like it, it feels so much more overwhelming to me now than it did before. I don’t know why. But it does. And, but I think, you know, I also x people, and I think it helps ask people to post reviews, because you also have that social proof, you know, I’ll say, can you please, if someone sends me an email and saying how much they enjoy something or love something, please, can you do me a favor? Can you please post a review on Google? You know, because, hey, why not have a Google review? Right of all places, we start out right away. So and then, you know, just learning little tidbits about Google. And, you know, especially if you have people who order from places outside of your area, like if you want to be more in their search, app, people post a review that live in Virginia or live, you know, wherever they’re they’re ordering from, because that helps expand your reach. So the Google reviews that some Facebook ads to you have, I



want to go back to Google Google reviews for a second, because I haven’t thought of that, like, you know, you know, when you just kind of you think, oh, somebody will do that. But to actually ask people and use Google that way, especially from other states. That is brilliant. I love that you’re doing that. Because again, people are searching and they’re going there. They’re googling soap, they’re googling, you know, bath bombs or Google whatever it is that they’re looking for, or a problem. So yeah, people are putting their reviews up there. I love that you’re that you have people doing that. That’s amazing.



Don’t be afraid to ask. I’ve, I’ve never been an asker. But I’m becoming a asker. You know, and don’t be afraid to ask people love to help. They love to feel needed and wanted. And that’s why I said can you do me a favor? Can you please post a review? Of course, people want to do you a favor, you know. So you know, that’s just human human, the humaneness of people. So tap into it, tap into it. Why not be on Google? dev? Oh,



definitely. And I don’t think we use it as much as we should.



Yeah, I think a lot of ways. Yes. Yeah. I would prefer to have I don’t ask for Yelp reviews. They’re not my preferred review. Yeah. platform. So I would prefer a Google review or Facebook review. If you go to my fan page and leave a review there that I would love that as well. Yeah, either one of those two would definitely be beneficial.



Yeah, yes. Yes, absolutely. I love that. And and, you know, for people listening since I’m, you know, I’m a copywriter, too, and you’re doing your own, you know, you’re doing your marketing, you’re looking for things to say, your reviews are the best place to grab voice of customer data. You’re gonna get exactly what they’re saying about you and using their words. So I love that you do that, too. Yeah.



I love that. You just said that. Because that is something that I started doing. didn’t realize I was capturing that information, especially when I was doing classes. My icebreaker was to go around the room and asked everybody to introduce themselves and tell me why you decided to take this class. And then I started one day it hit me it’s like, take those words and use them in your marketing because if that person felt that way, then someone else is thinking the exact same way as that person. So now I use those words when I even when I hear customers say something about my product, I’m going to start using those words because they’re thinking that way, someone else’s as well. So your customer will actually give you your content will give you the words the way that you can market to your your customer base.



I love that you say that, because that just tickles my heart. Because yes, that’s exactly what happens. And that’s, you know, as a conversion copywriter, you know, instead of trying to make up things, you know, because I know, I hear it all the time, I don’t know what to say I don’t you know, I’m having such a hard time writing something, let your customers write it for you, you know, they’re going to give you all the information you need to write, they’re going to tell you their problems, they’re going to tell you what they love. And they’re going to use it in the language, their language. So it almost feels like as I say, it feels like when you write your messages, that you’re already in their head, right? Like, did I say that? You know, so and that’s kind of one of those things that really ought that starts to automatically connect people to our messaging, so many, many props for you for that, because a lot of times people don’t realize that they’re already doing that, and then collecting that voice of customer data. So, so yay. Um, you did mention Facebook ads, I wanted to kind of go back to that. So I know people are gonna be like, Oh, she said, Facebook ads. But what did she do? We didn’t go back there?



Well, I am such a novice with it. When I look into Facebook ads and create an ad, and I’m like, my eyes go, What in the world am I doing? So one of the things I’m on a Shopify platform for my website, and I added an app called Kitt, Kitt. And it has an AI connected to it, which I love. Because whenever a customer sends orders for the first time, it automatically sends them a thank you email. Yeah, beautiful. And it’s like the best written I didn’t even change the email at all, because the way they wrote it, I was like, that sounds perfect. And I have never in my life receive so many emails back. Oh, thank you. You’re welcome. And I was like, so if it causes someone to actually respond, you know, to take the time out and just respond to that email. I was like, wow, that’s the best thing. So then it also automatically sends them a, if they order a second time, it sends them another email thanking them, that they could have ordered someplace else. And we’re so appreciative that they came back. I’m like, you know, paraphrasing, but, but that too, has had a great response. So I love that. So but the other side of it is looking at it looks at your analytics, and it goes, Oh, well, you’ve had 965 visitors from this 30 day period. Would you like for us to create a Facebook ad or retargeting Facebook ad? Oh, when I go, and it’ll actually show you an example of what the ad is going to look like. And then it’ll say what you’d like to budget $45 $30 whatever it is, and I like so I’ll look at the ad. And if I’m okay, I’m like, wow, I had that many visitors. Yeah, I want to return because I didn’t have that many sales. So yeah, now and I know it works. Because a I’ve also see them. I see the retargeting ads on Facebook, myself, my old ads. And I’ve had other people say, yeah, your your ad keeps coming up on my Facebook. So I know it’s working. And I believe and even even It will also tell you if they do they could do retargeting ads, they could just do a regular ad for you. that they’ll create, like, what’s new, kind of the carousel? Kind of? It’s just automatic. Okay, now, I don’t always approve it, because I don’t always like what they select. Okay.



Yeah. Okay, start going into that. Yeah,



yeah. So you can kind of say no, and you probably I haven’t taken the time to do this. But you probably could go in and actually maybe edit it yourself. Okay. But, but if it if it looks good, I’ll I’ll budget $30 was $30. And I’ve even had it come back and say, we’ve connected a sale to this particular ad. And he’ll tell you like, how much that you’re



getting some you’re getting some analytics on your on your ROI here. Yeah,



yeah. So which I think is kind of cool. And it really kind of takes the thought processes out of it for myself, because I get overwhelmed with Facebook creating an ad and you got to pick up your demographics. And even if you want to retarget I mean, which is great that they have this tool, I mean, of all places. I mean, I mean, think about the Facebook model is free to be a part of it. But look what they’ve done. they’ve collected all this data, yes. Now that they’re selling to you, who wants to take an ad, but you can target your ad just to your population or your demographic. And you don’t have to have a big, huge demographic. I mean, you could kind of really target it in and so I think it’s phenomenal. It’s just that you have to kind of know what you’re doing with it, but the AI I think takes some of that guesswork out of it.



Like you said, and I will put this all in the shownotes, like you said, you know, there’s so much data that they’ve gathered, you know, more than we could ever do in our research, right. So as far as when it comes to ads, you know, it’s not like ads back in the day when, you know, they went out to radio or newspaper or whatever. I mean, this is social media, there’s so much, there’s so many nuances out there. So that is a really cool tool. I like that. Like I said, I’ll put that in the show notes when you’re using that. And that’s great. I’m glad you can probably go in and edit because you know, is it? Obviously it’s using the words, and it’s working? Does it also give you links to is it going to a specific product? Or is it going to help lead generation as far as getting people on your list? Or can you specify



you probably can, I haven’t really delved into that too much. But you know, it probably can. And it also does other things too, like Send your email to your email list. Like if they can identify from Shopify people who have purchased from you. They are subscribed to your email, they’ll, they’ll create a newsletter, just a quick like, this is what’s new, or this is what’s you know, whatever. And it’s kind of cool that way, as well. And it’ll even post a Facebook for you, it’ll say to you, hey, you haven’t posted to Facebook in a while, like, Gee, thanks. But you know, would you like for us to post this for you. So it kind of takes some of the headache out of it.



Especially as a small business owner with you know, or small teams, and you’re wearing so many hats anyway. So that is very interesting. So I want to learn about them. And to go dive into that. Yeah, I learned myself. So that’s neat. So all right. So that’s working, you’re getting the analytics and you’re seeing or definite return on your investment



for that. That’s cool.



So let’s talk about while you’re in your The other thing that you do also, as far as your marketing is you do classes. Yes. Which I love that you use that as a tool.



Yes, that definitely helps. And also with that, using Groupon, or Well, I don’t even know if living socialists out anymore. But using a platform like that, like you talked about the old school marketing was where you bought an ad. And you were like, okay, let’s see if anybody will come. Groupon. Yes, you have to mark down what you’re offering down. So you have to also make sure that what you’re offering, you’re meeting your costs, at least, yeah, it gets them in the door. But the plus side to that is, you’re not really necessarily putting out money and waiting to see if it returns to you. You’re actually getting advertising because people are going to your website, like I know, when I go on Groupon, I’ll go and check the website out or something. So it’s To me, it’s kind of like free marketing, in a sense. Yeah. And then if someone buys your Groupon, then at least you’re recouping back some of your costs or your costs. And so you’re not losing out. So in a sense is, you know, now it’s up to you when they come in that you kind of upsell or things like that. So, so Groupon has definitely, I think, have been one marketing tool that I’ve used that has been successful.



That’s interesting, too. Yeah, I know, I’ve known several people, but I love that you’re talking about that in that way. Because you it is getting out there, and you are putting yourself out there. And again, you know, if you, if somebody buys one thing, it’s almost like, you know, not quite free trial, but you know, at a reduced rate, just to try and see if they like it, you know, what a better way to do that. And then, you know, getting returned sales after that, or like you said, it’s up to you to upsell or you make sure they get on your email list. So you can talk to them and bring them into your community. So that’s an interesting one as well.



Yeah. And I only do it for my sipping. So So that’s my mountain for class. It’s a social experience. It’s a little bit of learning, but it’s more of a social experience. So okay, if you want to, if you enjoyed that, and you really wanted to learn more now you can take my, my other classes, which of course are a little bit more pricey or cost, but you know, at least gets you in the door. At least it gets you to experience me, you know, I will be the teacher, you know, so I’m at Groupon is not as bad as and you have to figure out how it will work for you know, how to make it work for you. That’s Yes, so that’s good.



So speaking of having things work for you or not work for you. So what are some of those ugly cries that you’ve had as far as campaigns that didn’t work so well?



Well, I recently wanting to try subscription boxes. And so with people being at home and eating activities, and I haven’t given up on this, but a recent Marketing slump, I guess would be, I wanted to take that sip and soap experience and create what’s called a bubble box. So it would be a monthly mountain poor activity, a different mold, different colors, different scents, different whatever. And I would create like a YouTube video to guide you through it and wouldn’t be alive experience. But you still if you want it to have some guidance. And so I created a beautiful marketing pieces, I sent out an email, oh, did this all around Thanksgiving and Christmas, buy it as a gift for somebody and not one sale. But I think oh, yeah, but some of it also, I probably should have done a little bit more of pre like, so I got kind of excited about the idea and jumped out, I think that it needs a little bit more nurturing, and it just needs me to be a little bit more patient with it. I haven’t given up on it. So but yeah, nobody purchased one nothing. Oh,



it’s such a good idea.



And it’s a bubble box. So,



you know, and this kind of makes me think, you know, the importance of you as a marketer putting my marketing hat back on. Is that Yep, you know, the pre launch is important when you’re launching something, you know, the pre launch the build up to the, to the time where you’re going to launch the product. So, you know, what does that look like? Wouldn’t it be fun, if you know, all those emails and those those things that go out? And you know, now more than ever, because there’s so many products out there that it’s important to really do that and build that on? You know, and also like you’re doing right now, you know, you’re not giving up on it, you’re looking at, you know, alright, what what do I think, may have been the hold back? You know, what did I not do enough of, or what do I need to change? Or what do we need to pivot to make that work? So, you know, I think that’s really important that we do that, because sometimes those failed campaigns aren’t necessarily big flops. It’s just that maybe didn’t go out to the right audience. Or maybe again, our our marketing efforts weren’t as either straightforward or you know, maybe me I can say this, too. Sometimes you don’t really feel like it, you know, when we know that we have to actually put more effort in. We like it right now. So you know, again, with all those hats, so keep going. I can’t wait. Now I’m excited to see how bubble box does.



I am I am I haven’t given up on it. Yeah, it’s no bubble



box will be in the show notes with a link so. So what about those sweet moments of those campaigns that have worked for you?



It feels good when I mean, it feels great, actually, when you post something, and then you know, within a matter of you know, 30 minutes an hour or something and you, you send that email and then you hit Well, my phone, go Cha Ching, when I love it, I love it. I made some money,



I got that sound up on my phone.



So you know, it’s great. And then you go look and you’re like, oh my goodness, yes, that’s working. So it does feel great when you when you know that a campaign is actually working, or that email you sent out because you spoke to that person where they were and the need at the moment that they’re experiencing? And they were like, yeah, I need this right now. You know, so let me, let me order it, you know? And so, um, yeah, it feels great.



And so let me ask you that, because you’re kind of saying, you know, it’s so there’s obviously a lead up in those campaigns, like, what have you done? What do you notice when it comes to those kind of things that you’re like, I know this is gonna work



is is really being prepared for it is really taking the time to because I also notice when I do things quick and fast, they don’t. Those are probably the ones are not going to but when I sit down and really think about it, iron out all the details, speak to the customer that they the way they like to be spoken to. And make sure everything is clear and simple. Like don’t drag it out either, like get to the point because I know me an email that is like 10 pages long. Yeah, you know, I’m closing it like it’s just too much to digest. We aren’t we already have enough to digest. So for me is just like make it short and sweet and simple. And I actually find when I focus on one thing in an email campaign, I actually get a better response than me trying to focus on five or six other things because like I said, like me, I have to think about how I am also with email that I received. If it’s something that’s right and straight to the point, okay, click you know, you got my click But if it’s something I got to sit there and read all this, and you’re trying to convince me that I need to do this, and then you’re selling this and you’re selling that, I’m like, Oh, yeah, that’s just too much to digest. So, oh, boy,



yes. And that more intentional, more intentional, and that in, in my, in the copywriting world in my world. That’s called the rule of one. And it’s so important to be able to, you know, speak to one reader about one idea, one offer one promise, because a confused mind doesn’t by and so you know, keeping it, keeping it clear, keeping it simple, you know, and again, knowing your audience, I think it’s important that you said that, knowing your audience and how long they’ll read, you know, maybe you know, some people need all the information. So you know, a longer email or a longer page or a longer description is important to answer the questions that may come up. But also knowing your audience enough that says, hey, you know, I know that maybe this segment of people, I need to say five words, and then click, they’ll buy it. Right, you know, so I think it’s really important that you said that to like, and that your thought out that you’re planned. Because, you know, I’ve done that, too, where I know, my, you know, I’ve had a good plan, and I’m sticking to that plan, it works. But you know, the ones where I’ve been like, Oh, hey, let me just try this. And you like throwing spaghetti at the wall, you know, you can expect it to be a little bit more. You know. So



understanding more I’ve also heard is having people in your life and just listening to what other people say, I have a lady that I met earlier on in my, my vending days, business days. And she was she works in the fragrance industry. And she was the one that told me about how people buy like, people don’t like to make decisions. And I was like, well, she was like, they really don’t, if you have too many options. it overwhelms them, and they’re not going to purchase. And so that brought me back to my vending days when I was sell all this stuff, because I was making everything trying to be everything to everyone. And people would come and they would spend time smelling everything, trying everything. And you could tell that they were like trying to figure it out. And then they said these wonderful words that every vendor hates to hear. I’ll be back. Oh, they all I’ll be back. Yes. And but it made sense. Because she said they would do that because they had to go away. And they really wanted to purchase but you had too many options, and they couldn’t narrow it down. And I was like, wow, that makes so much sense. Even she put to me the illustration of the soda machines. Now, when they first came out, they had so many you know, now they’ve narrowed down the options or how you get to your option. But she said, Imagine this 65 year old lady who’s not into technology. And now she’s forced to use this. Coca Cola, that’s all she wants is her Coca Cola. And she’s trying to figure out, there’s too many options. So she’ll get frustrated, and she’ll get overwhelmed. And so I try to think on that level now, to not frustrate and overwhelm my customer. Because if they’re too overwhelmed, they’re not going to make a purchase, and they’re going to walk away.



You know? And that’s Yes. And I love that you said that, because that’s all about knowing your customer. And you know your customers so well, right? I mean to the fact that you could probably even figure out after having a conversation or two, exactly what scent they would love or exactly what texture they would love or what product they would love. So that’s important, too, is knowing your customer to the to that level. Even if you’ve never met them before, you know, even if they’ve been on your email list and you they’ve bought from you and you’ve never actually had a face to face. But they feel like you have no right, man, I think that’s the importance of knowing your customers so well that you can do that. which is you know, I mean, I, whenever I do work with anybody, you know, we go through a long process of knowing the customer, you know, everything that you know about your ideal customer, what do they love? What do they not love? You know, is there a time of day that they like better it is? Or do they drink coffee or tea? I know, you know, a lot of people think, why do we need to know that. But we do need to know that? You know, because



the hardest part for you for you and your process of you with your clients. I bet that’s the hardest part.



And it is and you know why? Because a lot of times why it’s so hard is because a lot of people don’t think that they need to know to that depth. They’re like, well, I just want to sell product, but you can sell so much more. And you can you can you know we’re building a community of people have lifelong customers. We’re not just building a, you know, a one off sale, and it is hard. But you know, once we see the return, you know we do the breakdown of the campaigns and we see the return like oh, that’s why that’s why we need to know them. So well. You know, and that’s why I love that you do that. Because again, you know them so well. And I think you do that so well. So, bravo, bravo. Ah. All right. So as we’re gonna wind up here, this has been so fun. I love these conversations. And I love talking to you about this. Because, again, you’ve you’ve been in business for a long time, and you’ve done things that you’ve tried so many different things, and you’ve stuck with the things that have worked and you’ve pivoted from the things that haven’t so much. So what would you say would your your top three tips be for our rising stars as far as their marketing?






let’s see, I would have to say, I have to write these down actually, because I didn’t want to forget,



I don’t have a post it note it’s gone.



Be consistent. And be consistent with your marketing, come up with a workable marketing strategy and plan. And then you can expand on it, you know, if you can commit to three days a week, commit to three days a week, because they’ll be looking for you on those three days. Then when you’re comfortable with those three days, and now it’s a breeze now add a fourth day, you know, do what’s comfortable for you and be consistent. Um, also, it’s not always about the sale. I know we want the money, but it’s not always about the sale. It’s about building the community. People want to know who you are. So one of my favorite books is by Gary Vee Daniel check. You know, was it a Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, like, you know, it’s, it’s about giving, giving, giving, giving, and now acts for the sale, give, give, give, give excellent sell, how could you give, tell people about your products, you know, it’s now or the ingredients or share resources with them that your audience would be interested in and not necessarily directly connected to your business. One of my biggest posts actually talking about Aruba was when I when we came back from Aruba, and you know that, well, in our room, we had a big tub. And so I took what I had soaked in a long time, you know, my roommates were out on the beach, or wherever they were, I took advantage of having that quiet time to myself. And I took a photo of me in the hot tub with my toes. That was like one of the biggest posts on Instagram that people liked, like, like, why because it resonated with my audience, about relaxation, like so you have to find your audience will tell you what, what they connect to, and watch it and then respond to it. So it wasn’t even me selling my product, but it was connecting me and some quiet time and pampering ourselves with what our products are all about. So I think that, um, you know, that that’s number two. And then number three, I would just say collect email addresses as much as you can. You may not be doing many in person events, whether somebody’s selling, or not, collect as many email addresses the right way Do not spam. I cannot tell you how many spam emails did I sign up for that? I was like, I remember asking them, you know, so I’ve been unsubscribing you know, haven’t been saying it was spam because I understand people are trying to make money and people trying to be in business but respect people’s email addresses. Ask them you know if you can add them that kind of thing I haven’t on your website, have it make it easy. Occasionally say it in your post and you’re in you know, hey, subscribe to my email. Here’s my here’s the link and let them subscribe a capture those emails because they are gold, their gold?



Oh, what a great. Number three, to end this podcast on because I talk about that all the time, too. It’s just your email list is is your gold in definitely. So LaSHonda This has been the best conversation. Thank you so much. Thank you for opening up. You know, some of the things that I love, too, that you’re talking about as far as your marketing, as well. And you know, kind of getting out of those uncomfortable misses because you started going live on video, you started really putting yourself out there. And I know a while ago that that was not very comfortable for you. As for most of us, you know. So the fact that you stepped out of your comfort zone that you did those things and how well they’re working for you now is just a testament into, you know how we can easily change, you know, especially in trying something that’s a little scary and how well it can work.



Yes. And I even tell people when I’m coaching them I’m like I know you don’t want to be in front of the camera I like so understand that. But you are your brand. You are your brand. Yes You are selling lotions and scrubs and candles and things of that nature or whatever, you make jewelry, but you are the brand. So people need to see you. They need to hear your story. They need to connect and they need to see your authenticity. You know, when you’re authentic, I think it is just automatically connects them even more and greater to your brand.



Absolutely, absolutely. And no better way to do that than be a little bit vulnerable. put yourself out there a little bit and just see how it works for you. And you’ve done such a great job. I’m so excited for you with that, because it’s really what a difference. What a difference. It’s made so much, Shonda, thank you so much for being here for sharing your marketing wisdom and your thoughts. And you know, just for really helping our rising stars have more of an understanding of you know, it’s okay to try things. It’s okay to pivot and do something different. It’s okay to realize something didn’t work and change it.



Yes, yes. Okay.



Yes, you



be okay. We all make mistakes.






Thank you, Alicia. Rhonda. Welcome, Christine.



Thank you so much for having me as your guests. My pleasure.


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