In this episode, I’m talking to my friend Tamera Pence of Bella THe Corner Gourmet. We met several years ago in a collaboration, A circle,  of women and I was so impressed by Tamera’s mild manner and kick-ass business sense.

From creating a personalized experience for customers in her B&M store to launching an online store (in case everything goes sideways) Bella The Corner Gourmet has become a destination business. In lewisburg WV.

Pull up a chair and join us at the kitchen table…

2020 is different…it’s about working to spread the crowds out, keep everyone safe…and keep the customers flowing.

Bella The Corner Gourmet – Hometown feel with a big brand voice.

A contemporary brand in an old historic West Virginia town is now known as a West Virginia brand.

Marketing strategies that work for Tamera: 

  • Being a big listener (to everything) is key…
  • Listening to employees…
  • Listening to trends…
  • Getting educated on social media and 
  • Becoming part of a like-minded buying group that collaborates and supports each other.

Marketing/Advertising Co-op: The Lewisburg – downtown business assoc. As president of her local group, they work with local convention and visitors bureau to make this a destination place with a variety of festivals throughout the year.

Find your niche group! Joining a membership group out of Atlanta has changed her business and her life and gives power to small businesses.

Hard parts…

…becoming the face of her business. And wanting to “hide” and have someone else be that face of the brand…but ya gotta own it!

…having staff that’s a perfect fit…it takes time to find those people that are an extension of ‘you.’

Sweet successes…

…social media

…local “members only” VIP days In the store 

…and the Bella Cooks Club that supports breast cancer patients.

The 3 top marketing tips…

  1. Don’t be afraid to delegate
  2. Meet your market…it’s not about you
  3. Gratitude and joy (you have to hear how Tamera says this.)