Have you ever had a problem that you can’t find a solution to? Not only is it annoying, it’s frustrating as hell because of the hopeless feeling that starts to set in.

Laura grew up with some seriously sensitive skin…the kind of sensitive where ALL of the commercial products irritated her and really wreaked havoc on her skin.

So Laura and her sister ditched the idea of using any kind of cool advertised products (You know how that is when you’re a teenager) and started making stuff using olive oil (it was the only thing her skin liked). SO Laura made stuff. At first it was because she came from a crafty family. In college, it was because she was poor and made gifts for her friends and family. When someone told Laura her stuff was wonderful and she should start selling it, that’s all it took.

Here first Christmas show at the firehouse she told $300 of product…Olive my Skin was born. But…it wasn’t until he lost her corporate J.O.B. that he became a full time business.

From a corporate IT position to booming skincare and lifestyle product business….Laura’s problem with her sensitive skin turned into a business.

So many product makers start because they needed something that they couldn’t buy in a store…so they made it.

Laura had a idea, a need,  and 2 hands…so she made it.

Come join us at the kitchen table to hear Laura’s marketing tips and ideas that got her to where she is today (and BTW…her marketing gave her a 258% increase in Black Friday sales over last year.)

Learn the BIG ugly lesson Laura learned with magazine ads.

And the sweet wins with email (it’s a biggie for Laura), postcards, unboxing experiences and her VIP treatment.


IBN – The Indie Business Network – resource and community for makers

Ba6 Marketing – Christine Laureano – product descriptions and email marketing

Vistaprint – for postcards, etc.