Michelle’s story starts out like many of ours…fulfilling a need that she didn’t see in the marketplace. 

It all began when Michelle wanted to use cloth diapers on her babies (you know…it’s more environmentally friendly.) With her first baby, she used disposables – holy crap there’s so many diapers and they don’t disintegrate!


And that opened Pandora’s box. 


With cloth diapers, there’s a certain type of laundry detergent you have to use. You have to buy something that doesn’t have any scent doesn’t have any dye doesn’t have any oxygen whiteners. And it can’t leave anything behind which 99% of laundry detergents leave something behind.

When she was researching laundry detergent, she started researching soap. And realized she wasn’t even washing her family’s clothes with real soap. 

The name brand stuff that you always use on your babies. That’s, not even real soap.

Down the google rabbit hole, she went.

She found a castile soap product that checked all the boxes…so she bought it. 

While she was sitting there, pregnant bathing her oldest, she read the bottle, and it said that you can clean things with it. 

“And I was like, Oh, so I’m sitting next to the toilets, like clean the toilet. I clean the floor. And I’m like, and then I’m cleaning her with it. I’m like, wow, this is pretty cool.”

It was love at first swipe.

One soap many uses! From diapers to babies, to toilets and floors.

And like the rest of us product makers…she found a simple recipe to make it herself! (cue dream sequence music) and Mama Suds was born.

When it came to marketing…

Her first big thing was growing her email list…but she had to find that juicy carrot to dangle in front of her audience because people need a GOOD reason to sign up.

Pull your chair up to the kitchen table with us and enjoy the show.



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