What do I say? What do I write? How do I talk to my customers?

Even if you’ve been doing it for a while, marketing can feel hard.

And coming up with creative and catchy content can feel even harder.

But, by following a few simple principles for writing messages it’ll feel more like you’re having a conversation with your reader over a cup of tea (or whiskey, whichever works.)

Every professional copywriter I know starts with some idea of a framework or structure their messages will follow.. 

Like most new copywriters, when I first started I tried to be creative and to come up with something new, different, exciting but…my messages felt all over the place, weren’t clear and didn’t convert nearly as well as I’d hoped.

Besides, there are some pretty great copywriters that paved the way for us so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel since these strategies work every single time.

Using these strategies feels like cheating…but it isn’t

It’s not cheating if you’re following what works.

Following copywriting strategies gives you the structure or framework for your messaging which means you have creative license to sound like you, with your personality, not boring or generic.

And, the more fun, creative and unique your messages are the more they’ll connect with your ideal reader…and you know what that means! (more sales!)

Let’s jump in

Here are the three copywriting tips to remember every single time you write your copy (aka your messages.)

1st C – Clear over Clever

You’ve seen those messages… The ones that try to be clever but leave you scratching your head wondering what they’re talking about.“ I mean, what does the hamster have to do with a car?

In creative advertising yes, the team tries to come up with clever taglines and cute phrases that capture the audience’s attention.

In this day and age however, your audience is really smart. And clever is often more confusing to the audience.

Don’t leave your reader wondering

If your message leaves your audience wondering what you’re talking about, that’s not the kind of marketing message that’s going to convert that audience into buyers.

What we’re after is messaging that educates your reader about your brand AND excites them to purchase products from you.

Your messaging needs to be clear every. single. time.

One last point about clear…

Clear does not mean boring. 

It just means that your audience connects with the message in a way that leaves an impression and gives them the feeling that they’re included in the conversation.

2nd C – Concise not overly wordy

Rambling sentences get you nowhere. And a lot of adjectives thrown in doesn’t help your messaging either.

The more concise and crisp you can write your messaging the better.


Or this vintage Rolls Royce ad that paints a picture in just a few words.

Stay away from fluff and extra words

If you’re using adjectives to describe a smell or a color that can paint that picture and tell a story…that’s fine.

The perfume-like aroma from the bright fuchsia and pink blooming peonies let me know that it’s finally spring.

You don’t need to use extra words just to make a stronger point.

For example…

 You may want to highlight a product’s greatness by saying “very great“ however the word very doesn’t make great and great…just great will do. 

Better yet come up with a word tor phrase hat makes your customers feel something, stirring emotions rather than just using the word great.

Example… out of site, super-duper, first-rate, better than sliced bread, outstanding in the field.

3rd C – Creatively add personality

As far as being creative, I don’t mean creative copy. I don’t mean those clever things that you see on ads that don’t really give you a clue as to what the product is about.

Or that just leave your wondering…

I’m not quite sure what this ad means.

What I mean by creative is to be yourself and add personality to your messages.

After you write your first draft of any copy or any message go back through and make sure that your personality is added into it.

Your personality is your brand

Let your quirky, fun, unique side show. It sets you apart from anyone else that makes products similar to yours.

Here’s one that’s not only fun but brought in a bunch of new customers.

That creativity in one email gave her a 33.6% growth in her conversion rate. Not bad right!

Marketing your creative business is about

showing who you are as a brand

Your personality your creativity and your quirkiness.

Most people aren’t taught how to write copy or how to create marketing plans…unless of course you do it professionally and then you have to learn.

There’s a lot of trial and error…which is the hard way to learn. 

Or you can follow the masters, the copywriters that paved the way for great messaging.

Once you find those tips and learn how to write with proven strategies it makes your marketing feel like a piece of cake. (See what I did there ←)

And it makes having those conversations with your prospects and customers easier by creating a flow for the conversation.

Whether you use these tips in writing copy or having those one-on-one conversations at markets, events, or tradeshows it will help you stay on track and keep your messaging clear, concise and will keep your conversations creative and not boring.