Website Copy, Conversions & Claims Audit

You’re selling online!

Underneath your beautiful images and top-notch products…

…there could be trouble brewing in your messaging and it’s affecting your sales.

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Your brand isn’t like any other eCommerce store on the internet.


You’re unique. Different. One of a kind.


Your creativity is reflected in every inch and every ounce of your product.

Then there’s a disconnect with your website words.

Maybe your words are GENERIC (a kiss of death for a unique brand like yours.)


Trying to sound like other mass-produced brands (Loreal, Yankee Candle, Nature’s Bounty…)


Some whimsical, clever thoughts plunked on the page that confuses your reader (wondering what you actually offer.)

Which is why you’re not seeing the kind of sales you’re hoping for.

Wanna know why?

Your copy doesn't sound like you

It doesn't reflect your passion

It doesn't show how you value customers

It doesn't show your personality and quirks

And it doesn't show why you're different than EVERY. OTHER. BRAND. selling online

And then there are the claims…


“We drew the short straw. The inspector found me on an internet search and decided to come and visit.”

“What did they find? What’s wrong with my site? Am I in trouble?”

Having an inspector show up, unexpectedly at your door can be nerve-wracking (to say the least.)

This may only be the start of something bigger, like a page-by-page and product-by-product full site investigation.

Your business is flagged


Which is not only embarrassing for you but can look bad in the eyes of your prospects, making them wonder if you’re trustworthy – or even legit.

Then, the amount of money you’ll have to spend to fix the problems will be nothing compared to time and effort of getting ready to meet the expectations of the inspector.

Lots and lots of time.


Instead, know what you can…and CAN’T say. (All while staying on the FDA’s good side.)

Copy, or the act of copywriting…

 “Copywriting is the art and science of writing to promote a product, a business, a person or an idea. And carefully selecting, editing, weaving and constructing those words in a way that they’ll persuade the reader into taking a specific and measurable action.”

Your website can be a goldmine for your business


And to get some of that gold your words need to:

  • make sense with clear copy
  • inform your reader so they understanding your brand
  • and guide them towards making a purchase

But you can’t write your website like it’s a novel…or an article.

And it’s definitely NOT your college term paper.

If you just add words to a page hoping to persuade your reader to do buy, without a strategy, without research, without a formula,  well…

…you can expect conversions to be low and bounce rate to be high.

Because your website is your greatest online salesperson

The copy on your website matters!

Your copy can make or break your conversions…your sales.

When your copy is strategically written to connect with your audience, it’s like an exclusive invitation they’ve been waiting for…

…and you’ll see higher conversions and happier customers.


"I struggle with writing good product descriptions that don't make claims... they always sound a little lackluster. On that same note, I'm not sure how to word disclaimers/precautions without scaring people away, but I could be overthinking it" ~Abi

The 3 Biggest Issues I see are…


Know what you can – and CAN’T say

When creating your marketing messages, you need to know what you CAN and CAN NOT say! (Unless you already have tea and crumpets out for the FDA officer’s visit.)



No sales strategy = No sales

Your copy not only needs to speak to your customer’s needs and challenges…you need to guide them to your solution. Then they feel empowered to purchase,



Making medical or health claims will cost you

And even though everyone’s doing it…making non-compliant claims…it could get you caught by the FDA. (A warning letter could be the least of your worries.)

Enter the Copy, Conversions & Claims Audit

…for brands that want messages that convert into more sales and to stay on the FDA’s good side 

Keep your copy clean and messaging on brand…and compliant

Let’s get to the root of your copy, conversion and claims problems.

I’ll give your website an in-depth review to catch the claims (and other conversion hold-ups) and give you suggestions on how to fix your messaging to:

  • Keep potential customers on your site longer
  • Get them jumping on your email list
  • Engaging them with your knowledge so they become lasting customers

Once I show you what’s not working, it’ll show you how to correct it.

Once I show you what’s not working, it’ll be easier to show you what DOES work.

After I sweep your copy for conversion hold-ups (and FDA flagging claims)


 I’ll give you suggestions to strategically write copy (a.k.a messages) that will connect with your audience, increase conversions (people buying your stuff), and keep your claims clean in the eyes of compliance.

As I go through your homepage copy I’ll be focusing on:

Trust factors and queues that lead to high bounce rate

First impressions – any friction?

Messaging that “speak” to the type of customer you want to attract?

I’ll also look at: Headline Copy, Button Copy, Body Copy


For your About Page

I’ll look at your brand story and how your experience relates to your customer.

I’ll scan to see if it’s about You or about your customer? Who’s the Hero?

Does your page read show your personality – and not read like a traditional bio.


And for Product Description Page

Your product headline – do you have a unique value prop?

Does the description meet the awareness of your customer?

Does the description take them on “their journey” to solve their issue?

Any friction points? Button copy?

And I’ll look for medical claims that can get your into trouble with the FDA

Lillian felt confident and knew your customers valued her products.

Thank you so much, Christine! This definitely reassures me that what I’m doing is valuable! With so many candle and lotion makers out there I often find myself feeling like I don’t bring anything special to the table.

Lillian Lilly

Kind & Simple

Copy, Conversions & Claims Audit

When creating your marketing messages, you need to know what you CAN and CAN NOT say! (Unless you already have tea and crumpets out for the FDA officer’s visit.)

The BIG SWEEP Bundle

Best Value  $847.00 USD

Review and Audit of your Top 5 pages

In-depth video of your audit

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45 minutes 1:1 consultation to review my findings

Report with my copy, conversions & claims findings

Recommendations for copy changes

All delivered in a private Google Drive folder

Fast 1 week turnaround

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The MINI Sweep Package

Most flexible  $450.oo USD

Review and Audit of your Homepage, About Page & 1 Product Descriptions

Video of your audit

Report card of my findings

All delivered in a private Google Drive folder

Fast 1 week turnaround

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What will a copy, conversions & claims review do for me?


When I review your copy I’m looking for messaging gaps…is your copy speaking to your ideal customer?

Is your messaging following the structure and “rules of copywriting” so that you can not only increase your customer base but generate more sales.


Will you give me copy suggestions I can use on my site?


Yes, absolutely. I won’t rewrite your copy, but as I work through each section of your pages I’ll recommend copy that will get your reader’s attention, engage them in the “conversation” so they feel like you’re talking right to them. And recommend calls to action so your customers know what to do next.


Will I have to wait a long time for my review?


When you CLICK the button to get started, I’ll start your review within 24 hours. You’ll get your results within the week so that you can implement the changes and begin to see more subscribers to your list and more sales of your products.

Here’s your 2 options again…

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