The Makers’ Guide to Marketing

How to write marketing messages that attract customers without sounding pushy, salesy or generic


So, you want to write better marketing messages, huh?

But if you’re not saying the “right” thing…crickets.

And worse than crickets…no sales!

In The Makers’ Guide to Marketing, I lay out the basics…the essentials to writing better marketing messages that attract more customers. 

Savvy creative entrepreneurs know:


For customers to buy from you, they have to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

When someone lands on your homepage, the quickest way to start “building rapport” is to help them feel WELCOME.

Unfortunately, the reality is most messages are generic…and readers can’t tell one brand from another.

The lack of engaging and connected messaging is costing you sales.

And it shows, doesn’t it?

Think back to the last few websites you’ve visited. You can’t tell one brand from the next.

Now look back at your homepage and product descriptions. (be objective)

Do your words sound engaging? Are they memorable? Can you tell the difference between your website messaging and the 10 others you just looked at?

If you’re thinking “what’s the point of changing my words when everyone else is doing the same thing?”


The truth is…


Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy.


There are hundreds…thousands of brands selling cool and unique products. What’s keeping their people engaged?

Keeping people on your website requires ONE thing:

They feel like you KNOW them!


When they read a message that makes them feel like you KNOW them…kinda like you’re reading their mind…a bond develops. You’re showing interest and creating connection.

When people feel understood…they keep reading.

And for that…

You need to know all the ins and outs of what makes your would-be customers tick.

And then you have to write your messages, those engaging and welcoming messages, consistently across all your marketing channels.

Which is exactly why I created…

The Makers’ Guide to Marketing

How to write marketing messages that attract your audience without sounding salesy, pushy, or generic

“When I focus on the ONE, the writing seems to flow better. With my target audience, I am trying to focus on what will appeal to my ONE ideal customer.”

Here’s a peek of what’s inside


Marketing paints a picture

Marketing is painting the picture, the vision, of how your products will make your prospect’s life easier, better, funner.

Your foundation

To grow your idea and make it flourish you need to create a solid marketing frame.

Know your audience

You can’t market to everyone. Knowing what makes your audience tick means you’ll write better messages.

Build on your foundation

A little research goes a long way. Gather the right kind of data so your messages make your audience feel like they already know you.

Goals, planning & doing

Create marketing goals, develop strategies, and plan your marketing messages so you attract the right kind of customers.

Writing your messages

Your copywriting matters! Learn what the pros use to write better converting messages…that means more customers and more sales.

My biggest marketing fear was not knowing what to write and staring at that blank page. Now, I’m writing messages that speak to my customer in their voice so they feel heard.

Finally start easily writing those relationship-building marketing messages


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“Everyone can do marketing as long as you take time to do it.”

“It showed me how to have true communication with my specific target customer and the reason why people make purchases. It was about the why instead of just focusing on brand look.”

“Christine has many creative ways of making marketing less intimidate and doable!”

Easily write your marketing messages.

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