When you’re tired of googling for answers

And listening to internet marketing gurus doesn’t fit your business either.

As a product maker, you need someone who’s been in your shoes, has made the mistakes and knows how to create an online growth plan the works.

My biggest marketing fear was not knowing what to write and staring at that blank page.

1:1 Consultation

Requirements Planning

Research & Content Strategy


Launch, Measure, Refine, Repeat

Step 01

We start at the beginning

Your plans have changed many times because of everything that’s going on, so you keep pivoting to make your business workable.

With the pivots come frustrations. We’ll see how that’s interfering with your massaging. 

We’ll also look at your current conversion rate to see where improvement is needed.

Your frustrations

Messaging concerns

Current conversion rate

Step 02

Research & Strategy

When words don’t flow easily on the paper  (webpage) for you it’s time to head back to the research.

VOC (voice-of-customer) research gives us the words we need to connect with our ideal customers.

Once we have the data then we can start planning the messaging strategy.

VOC (voice-of-customer research)

Message mining

Messaging hierarchy and planning

Step 03


The right messaging (copy you write) connects with your potential tribe of people who understand your ideas and will want to stay with you for the long run…like your current customers who have been with you for several years.

We’ll make sure your messaging is talking to the right decision makers so that you increase your conversion rate (new subscribers) as well as increase revenue through more online sales.


Understanding decision makers

Writing copy that converts

Editing out the darlings

Step 04

Launch, Measure, Repeat

Copywriting, messaging that increases conversions is not a set-it-and-forget-it exercise.

We’ll gather and interpret the data so that we can optimize your messaging to higher conversions. Then, we’ll put it back out into the world for your people to read. We’ll measure the difference in conversion rate…see if your email subscribers and online sales have increased…and test again.

It’s a living, breathing process.


Before working with Christine my biggest marketing fear was not knowing what to write and staring at that blank page, but she has many creative ways of making marketing less intimidate and doable!

Teri P.

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Client Results


Increase in New Email Subscribers

When you add VOC data, your brand voice and personality to your email campaigns people want to be part of what you have to offer. 


Increase mo/mo AOV

When your messaging gets better, it engages more of your ideal audience…and influences their buying behavior. I’ll take that…how about you?


Mo/Mo increase

The increase in a candle company’s conversion rate after one of their specialty product description rewrites.