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Website Copy Review



Get the answers you need to write copy that gets your more sales

You can write copy all day, but if your content isn’t getting read by your audience, feelings of frustration and discouragement can get you down – and even make you want to quit.

When you’re unclear about your target reader and the message you want to send, it can leave you stuck.

Let’s get to the root of the challenge.

  • You have doubts around your marketing message.
  • You feel like bailing on your business because customers are not finding you.
  • You’re not even sure what kind of content to write.

We’ll get your messages on track with a web copy review.

I’ll take you look at your:

  • Homepage – from eyebrow copy to value prop and headlines. When your reader feels like you understand them the minute they land on your page, they’re more likely to turn into a client or customer.
  • About page – this page needs to highlight your expertise without making it all about you.
  • Service pages and product descriptions – more than just descriptions, are you telling the whole story?

You’ll not only get my help, first-hand, but your review will include:

  • Your review delivered to you on video.
  • A run through of what works, and what doesn’t, with your content – and WHY.
  • The friction points that could be scaring your audience away.
  • Your attraction point that engage and keep our audience interested.

To help you:

  • Write the right messages that get your ideal client to stay and take action.
  • Incorporate research and voice-of-customer data that gets copy to convert.
  • Create a plan for getting your content in front of your readers.

I’ll also include A 30 minute laser session so you can ask questions and get the answers to improve your content and increase conversions (that means more sales!)

And…this call will be recorded so you can listen to it over again and pull out all the fine points and recommendations in order to get RESULTS.

We’ll get busy right from the first minute we get on the call!

You’ll get the all of this for $399.00

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