can those claims in your messaging be Hurting your business? 

“The description for one of my products said that both lavender & tea tree have antibacterial properties. “

Website Copy & Claims Audit

You’re selling online!

Underneath your beautiful images and top-notch products…

…there could be trouble brewing in your messaging.

The inspector found me on an internet search and decided to come an visit.”

Having an inspector show up, unexpectedly at your door can be nerve-wracking (to say the least.)

What did they find? What’s wrong with my site? Am I in trouble?


This may only be the start of something bigger, like a page-by-page and product-by-product full site investigation.

Your business is flagged

Which is not only embarrassing for you but can look bad in the eyes of your prospects, making them wonder if you’re trustworthy – or even legit.

Then, the amount of money you’ll have to spend to fix the problems will be nothing compared to time and effort of getting ready to meet the expectations of the inspector.

Lots and lots of time.

Instead…Know what you can – and CAN’T say

When creating your marketing messages, you need to know what you CAN and CAN NOT say! (Unless you already have tea and crumpets out for the FDA officer’s visit.)

And even though everyone’s doing it…making non-compliant claims…it could get you caught by the FDA. (A warning letter could be the least of your worries.)

Introducing the Copy & Claim sweep – for brands that want to stay on the FDA’s good side 

Keep your copy clean and messaging on brand…and compliant

Let’s get to the root of your copy problems.

I’ll give your website an in-depth review to catch the claims (and other conversion hold-ups) and give you suggestions on how to fix your messaging to:

  • Keep potential customers on your site longer
  • Get them jumping on your email list 
  • Engaging them with your knowledge so they become lasting customers

Once I show you what’s not working, it’ll be easier to make it right.

After I sweep your copy for claims (and other conversion hold-ups) I’ll give you suggestions to strategically write copy (a.k.a messages) that will connect with your audience, increase conversions (people buying your stuff), and keep you clean in the eyes of compliance.

Let’s get started on your project.

Contact me to kick things off. This will be more fun than you think!