Nothing says I’m glad you’re here better than an email welcome sequence

When you invite someone to a party do you say…

“Yeah yeah, come on in…go grab yourself a drink…you’ll figure the rest out. See ya.”

Of course you don’t.

A good host invites you in…gets you a drink…introduces you to people.

A good host NEVER lets a guest fend for themselves.

When someone signs up for your lead magnet and says “yes” to joining your email list…you just gave them an invitation to the party.

Do you just point them in the general direction of the drinks?

Let them get their own food from the fridge?

Let them stumble around your house trying to find the bathroom?

Or do you show them around a bit?

Your welcome series is your chance to be a good host.

This is where your customer relationship begins.

You send the invitation – in the form of an opt-in or lead magnet.

When someone subscribes to your list,  that means you just invited them into your home – your business home.

Do you want them stumbling around, trying to figure out what to do next?

Of course not!

Your welcome sequence (or series) is your way of showing your guests around, giving them directions on where to get their drink, have some food and of course, find the bathroom (metaphorically that is.)

Your relationship starts the minute that person decides to give you their email.

This is a big deal for most people because they already have an inbox full of newsletters. They need to know that you’ll make it worth their while by giving them something they need.

A series of three emails performs better than a single email: 90% more orders for welcome emails, 63% more for abandoned cart emails, and 75% more for customers reactivation. (Omnisend, 2018) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Showing your subscribers that you’re in this for them is the way to start on the right foot.

They are saying that they want to learn from you, get a piece of what you know, so don’t let them down!

When they opt-in don’t give then a chintzy “success” – add copy that feels more personal.

And then send them to a full-fledged Thank You page. It doesn’t have to be elaborate…it can be pretty simple and straight forward. 

Now they’re in the door…

On the thank you page :

Say “thank you” for joining your list (and not just “thank you” saying a few words about how excited you are that they’re there goes a long way.)

Give them the link to download the “guide” “checklist” or “ebook” that you promised them. (no strings attached here)

Let them know they’ll be getting a few emails to “show you around the place”

The sequence begins

Start your sequence (aka series) with a plan. To make it a little easier here is a welcome email series funnel (or flowchart) to help you understand how to lay out your messaging.

I generally recommend 3-4 emails in your welcome series.

One thing I hear all the time is “but I don’t want to swamp people with emails.”

Remember, your welcome email sequence is the start of your relationship.

You’re starting out by saying “Hi” and “welcome” and not leaving them at the door. You’re inviting them in and showing them around…you’re not selling them anything (that’s a different email sequence.) 

Plus, you’ll be spreading out your emails over a week and a half.

Let’s write your sequence

In your email service provider, you’ll set these emails up as an automation or autoresponder. You’ll also set the triggers for when each email will be sent out. (I’ll give you the triggers for each email in just a minute.) 

What makes this so easy is that once it’s written and set up, it works on autopilot.

Email 1 – You open the door and invite your guest in. 

Trigger immediately on subscription.

You’ll want your reader to get more acquainted with their host (you) and tell them a little about what they can expect from you. 

Remind them about the lead magnet they downloaded. Start out by giving your subscriber a few tips on how to use it. 

If you have one…invite them to your FB group, SLACK channel or other community that you have.

Email 2 – Answer some of their questions. 

Trigger 1 day after email 1 (previous email.)

In this email show your reader how you understand their needs/pains by answering some of their biggest questions. Also show what their life will look like when they start seeing their transformation.

This not only gives them valuable info but starts to answer objections, challenges and concerns they have…and starts to build trust. 

Here you’re showing them you understand the issues/ pain points/dreams they have… and why your expertise and knowledge will help them.

Email 3 – Tell them a little bit more about the “expert” your reader decided to follow. (That’s you)

Trigger 2 days after email 2.

Your audience is getting to know you…and like you. 

You can tell your origin story, something funny when you first started or reveal a “secret” about you and your brand.

Relate your story to their story…why they’re coming to you.

Remember that they are seeking you out because they can learn something from you…if you start rambling on about yourself in your first email you’ll likely turn off your reader. (Because they care more about their challenges and solving them than they do about YOU and your story.)

This is the email where you can also give them an intro discount on their first purchase.

Try it in the P.S. Give them their 10-15% discount. Don’t lead with the discount (it’s like telling your guest to come to the party and asking them to chip in for the drinks – bad host form.)

Email 4 – Share some experiences of your customers.

Trigger 3 days after email 3.

Everyone loves a good party story. Customer success stories go a long way in building trust. 

This gives a real-life perspective to some of their concerns…and social proof builds up your brand based on the experience of others.

It’s better to have someone else rave about your party than it is for you to proclaim how great your parties are. (We all know one of those.)

Let the party continue

Your welcome sequence (aka welcome series) is laying the groundwork and setting the stage for “the party.”

It can increase the odds of your customers engaging early in their buyer journey, and even improve the quality of your list.

There’s a lot of good things about new subscribers! They’re more engaged. They’re excited about your brand and the products that you offer. And they’re more likely to open, click, and purchase.

So invite them in, give them a big warm welcome and crack some champagne!