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I wanted to put some information together that will get you started in your marketing journey. If you’re already on that journey, this information will help keep you going and hopefully keep you strong when it starts to feel mundane.


The Maker's Quick Start Guide to Marketing

 The Makers Quick Start Guide to Marketing – How to Connect With Your Audience and  Earn Loyal Customers




Content Marketing Crash Course – Use your words to connect with your ideal audience and make them loyal customers.





Email Marketing Made Easy – Ebook – A Guide For The Creative Solo Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing, But Needs To.



Simple Content Audit Worksheet – Doing a Content Audit is a great way to see how well your content strategy is working and where your strategy needs tweaking.

The Creative Entrepreneur Content Strategy Checklist – This checklist will help you stay organized and create a content strategy that you can stick with.

Your Avatar-Ideal Client Profile – With this worksheet you’ll learn all you can about your ideal customer. Why? Knowing your avatar, your ideal customer, will help you write the perfect marketing messages.

Kick-ass Copywriting practice worksheet – Practice, practice, practice. If you want to write better copy and content, practice makes perfect. Tis worksheet has some writing prompts that will spark your creativity.

Infographics, Memes and more…

The Writers Checklit - no more blog overwhelm

  The Writer’s Checklist InfographicsDon’t get bogged down in blog post overwhelm


The Content Hero's Journey - image

The Content Hero’s Journey – Guideline – The Hero is not who you think! The Journey Starts Here.



5 BIG Mistakes to Avoid – When Growing a Creative Business

10 Tips for Getting Unstuck – Easy things you can do to get out of a rut and move forward in your business (and life.)


Ye Olde podcast series

I did this podcast series years ago…but the content holds as true today as it did then.

85 Itune Podcasts and Interviews with Christine – I’ve hosted a bunch of interviews and created audios to shine a little light on entrepreneurship and living life on your terms.