Recovering trial attorney, copywriter, mindset coach. I first met Linda Perry in a mastermind. She was a stressed-out copywriter going above and beyond for her clients. And feeling it!

I remember the moment Linda had her breakthrough. That kitchen table moment when she decided to go all-in as a mindset coach for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The reason she got into copywriting was she saw how life coaches had such a hard time marketing themselves.

She knows what it’s like to bump up against those same obstacles and you just can’t bust through – no matter how hard you try.

She saw how much business owners have this head trash, those feelings that you’re not good enough, that you don’t know enough, that you’re a fraud…all that stopping them from really being able to fulfill their business vision.

She wanted to help people with real coaching designed to uncover and dismantle limiting beliefs and patterns so you can finally take real action!

In this episode, Linda is going to give you some ideas for clearing out your head trash so you can take that action in your business to move you leaps and bounds from where you are now.

So pull up your chair to the kitchen table with us and enjoy the show.


If I do X and you do Y…I’m going to do Z…and follow through


Linda Perry


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