She doesn’t sell nail polish…she sells confidence!

This is probably one of my favorite lines from an indie maker!

Why, because when it comes to indie brands and marketing, early on, makers look at what they sell…the features and the benefits of the product.

As you become more seasoned in the industry, and as you put your big marketing bloomers on, you realize that you’re doing SO much more.

Pam is a full-time nurse practitioner…and Stella Chroma is her “side gig” but don’t let that fool you.

She has created one helluva brand with almost 10k Instagram followers, almost 13k followers on Facebook and a healthy revenue to boot!

In this episode, my guest Pam Rodgers shares what she’s learned along the way to growing her nail polish brand.

Like…getting reeaallly specific about who her ideal customer avatar is. (BTW her name is Jenn. not Jennifer…Jenn.)

She talks about trends in her industry…

Being wise about where you spend your money…ahem…advertising and promotions…

The social media strategy that’s her biggest HIT so far…and helped her put Stella Chroma on autopilot in 2020.

So pull your chair up to the kitchen table with us…and enjoy the show.


Andrea Evans – 2 Hands Made This Episode 9

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq.

Lela Barker – Brickhouse Branding

Erika Firm – Graphics Designer

Stella Chroma

Stella Chroma – Instagram

Stella Chroma – Facebook

Dani Authentic – IG


Susan Bradley – Social sales Girls


Episode Transcript (unedited)

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