Marketing expert and copywriter to some of the biggest names in internet marketing, Abbey Woodcock has written million-dollar launch campaigns that skyrocketed these online businesses.

I’ve know Abbey for a few years now, and as a matter of fact, she’s one of my mentors.

But that’s not quite why she’s here today.

Abbey is also venturing out in a new direction…as a maker (of sorts.)

While most people are going the other way when they branch out in their businesses, taking their brick & mortar online.

Abbey is going from an online business to a brick & mortar.

As she says…it’s just the right time for going local, and opening a business and just really bringing people back to the community.

From journalism to corporate marketing to freelance copywriter for online businesses and course creators…to owner of Calle Farm Cheese Shop (www.Calle1945.com).

This is going to be a good one as Abbey opens up about her marketing ideas for her new shop and how she’ll use her experience as a marketer to build a new business from scratch.

Grab your chair on pull it up to the kitchen table with us…and enjoy the show.


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