I’m a tall runner. I really noticed during these sweltering summer days that my running feels harder. Like I’m not getting traction. Like I’m working harder, yer running slower. So, I’ve been trying to get more out of my running…better pace, better time…not so much work. Running more efficiently In a running article I found, the coach noticed one of the runners was “running tall.” He asked if the runner felt like he was working a lot harder and not increasing his time. “Yeah, I do” the runner said. The coach then explained what he was observing. The runner was running tall.

Running Tall

  That doesn’t mean the runner was high in stature, it means his body was basically at a 90* angle to the road. All he had to do was lean forward (the right way of course.) Now, if you know physics at all, you know that gravity is a great influencer of motion. Leaning forward gets you out of that comfortable hard-working form and optimizes your running efficiency. What does this have to do with business? After a few years in business, things get comfortable. You feel like you’re even working harder. That’s because you’re running tall. You’re heading out the door and into your business with the same “comfortable” form you have been running with for decades.

Leaning forward creates movement

Is it uncomfortable? Lil’ bit. But it doesn’t take long to get used to. See, the lean isn’t a make-you-lose-your-balance-and-tumble-to-the-ground-feeling. It’s a slight lean. Just enough to use gravity to keep you moving forward. How to lean forward in business

Connections mean more sales

You have to put yourself in front of people if you want to make sales.

Connecting helps your business grow

  Introverts and extroverts both get a little apprehensive when it comes to networking. The “am I good enough” question sprints into your mind. Not going to events or making intro calls can quell the beast…and keep sales stagnant. What do you do? Lean forward. Go with a goal in mind to meet 1, just one, new person instead of “working the room.”

Distractions don’t have to take you off course

They happen. The laundry seems to call you away from that landing page you’re writing. The dog needs to go out right in the middle of your Zoom conference call. You need to pitch that ultimate dream client, but “your not enough” pops into your head. Distractions will always be a part of your business. It’s how you handle them that makes the difference. You can stay comfortable, letting all the distractions keep you from growing your business into the empire that you really want. Or you can… Lean forward. Let gravity keep you in motion. When you’re in the middle of writing your guest post for Shopify, don’t let the chime of your Facebook notification pull you away from your work. When your spouse walks in as asks you if you want to go to lunch, right when you’re in the middle of  composing your speech for CXL (that will catapult your business) instead say…let’s go to dinner because I’m in the middle of work.

Impostor Complex – bahhhh

When I was writing “your not enough” in distractions above, that nagging voice came over me. Why does it seem to always be there? I’m not good enough. That’s become more of a thing in the past several years. Tanya Geisler did an interview with The Copywriter Club Podcast to set the story straight. There is however, an different way of putting it. Let’s lean forward, shall we? Back in the day (LOL) there was a model called The Four Stages of Competence. When I show you this it will all makes sense.

 levels of competence

The 4 Levels of Competence

Level 1 – you don’t know what you don’t know…you’re eager and you’ll learn. Level 2 – you know there’s a lot you don’t know. This is the phase where impostor complex works it’s way into your psyche. The thing is…you’re learning and you’re on you’re way to expertise. Give yourself a little slack. In to time you’ll be at … This is where you lean forward! Level 3 – you know that you know your stuff. You may have a few hints of impostor complex showing up, but you can easily push it aside because you’re confident you know what you’re talking about. Level 4 – you just do! You know your stuff so well that you it’s like second nature.

Let gravity work in your business

See, there’s really nothing that is holding you back, other than you. Take a look at where you’re stuck. Or have a good heart-to-heart with yourself to determine where you are holding yourself back. Is it that you hate sales? Do you have content to write, but don’t have time? Are you doubting yourself as an expert in your field? What is the ONE thing, the one action, that will help you to stop “running tall” and run your business more efficiently. Do you need the help of a VA? Maybe hiring a content writer will help you with your inbound marketing goals. Or, a coach or professional to help you overcome self-doubt. Then…lean forward.