There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing…and this week’s guest will show you how her non-traditional marketing has made her stand out in a crowd.

I have known Roberta for years. Roberta Perry started Scrubz Body back in 2006 with her late sister Michelle. They tested products on each other’s dry itchy skin and found THE ONE that worked head-to-toe.

We met through the Indie Business Network (finally a local person that made products like I did) and have grown our friendship ever since. Having a like-minded business friend definitely helps grow your business and we’ve tossed around many many ideas over the years.

Roberta created Scrubz because she couldn’t find a product she liked in the stores. Most were too greasy for her. So…she made her own scrub formula.

And started an eCommerce store. But, she didn’t want to be a retail business…she wanted to be a big wholesale business. Then life and business lead her down new roads (and a thriving brick and mortar store and eCommerce shop.)

And the one piece of advice stood out for her…which became her brand voice.

Never apologize for having passion about what you’re selling.

Pull a chair up to our kitchen table and hang with us for a while…

Marketing strategies that have worked for you:

  • Charity work and giving back. WTFC – Women Together Fighting Cancer
  • Free Publicity
  • Superior Customer Service – Show customer gratitude – what is the problem and help them solve it.
  • The pivot to make her online business great


Your Ugly Cry:

Ads – a smaller brand that tried to be a big brand…and didn’t work (15-20 times didn’t work.)

Your Sweet Success:   

Emails – email marketing and weekly newsletter

Free publicity using HARO

The 3 top marketing tips for rising starts:

  • Newsletters! And build an email list (GOLDEN NUGGET) one customer at a time.
  • Hands-on demos and give away samples (in customer orders, raffles, donate to a good cause.)
  • Free publicity – word of mouth

“Ya gotta just love on your people.”  Roberta Perry


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The Indie Business Network

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The Power of Free Publicity by Roberta Perry


Scrubz Body and Skincare

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