I have been insanely productive today! I have written 3 blog posts, crafted my next email series, and keep getting idea after idea.

I’m usually pretty creative. My most creative times for writing are early morning or in the evening.

It’s 11:44 am, which is usually the time of day when I shift into “production mode.” It’s when I DO, not create.

What’s different today?

My house is an absolute wreck because we are remodeling the kitchen. There is crap EVERWHERE! I’m doing my best to not get overwhelmed, because I don’t do well in chaos and clutter.

Yesterday and today I have been throwing out or donating old stuff that we just don’t use anymore. The piles are getting smaller, and even the behind the scene odd-and-ends, the pots & pans, the Tupperware, the clothes and shoes that we’re not wearing, you name it’ I’m decluttering.

Today, I’m a creative whirlwind.

See the correlation?

What can you declutter?

Here’s to a creativity BOOST!

(P.S. I wrote this the other day)