Are you feeling frustrated about getting new clients?

Grab a coffee, this is kinda long.

Yes, this is how I spend a great deal of my time, mulling over things like this in the middle of the night. 

Are you quitting too soon?

I see people with awesome brands that quit all too soon because of marketing. 

More to the point, not getting scads of people replying to their social media, blog posts, Facebook ads, etc

It’s a crazy world out there!

People have a lot going on in their lives, their social media feeds, and in their inboxes!

And, if you notice your inbox, what are the headlines and content that get your attention? 

Do YOU buy the first time you see a new product you know nothing about?

I’m just going to be blunt! 

It’s not your discount, free shipping or special offer that’s going to rally people around you!

Your audience doesn’t know you yet!

Sure, a hot discount or free samples may get those deal searchers to buy, but it won’t create lasting customers – and the ones that tell their friends about you. (Weren’t we just talking about sample stalkers?)

When you’re audience doesn’t know you (your brand) exists, they won’t buy. 

They won’t buy because they’re not aware that they even need you!

Start by creating awareness

How do you create awareness?  (Grab your Levels of Awareness Guide –>)

You talk to them! (At all your events, meetups, fairs, markets, social media…)

You listen for their hang-ups and their issues. 

You ask a lot of questions! 

You create conversations!

  • What’s going on in their lives? 
  • What’s keeping them up at night? 
  • What do they want more of in their life? 
  • Or less of?

Then, start to share information that speaks to that damn nagging voice in their head! (Write about it in your blogs, your emails…)

You are starting to touch them and make them aware that something IS going on with them…and you may be able to help. (You need 5-8 (depending on the source) initial touch points before people will think about buying anything from you.)

Build trust with content

Once they have this awareness about you, they start to trust what you have to say, then they see you as a go-to person!

That is why building a content strategy with your business is SO important. 

It takes time, patience and willpower to keep going! 

But, it’s the thing that will help you build your brand and your business because people will start to see they NEED you (and it’s not about the discount.)

One person at a time you’ll start to grow your list! 

And, this is an important point…you will grow your list with people that want to be there!

Years ago I built a very big list (during my coaching days) but what was killing me was I was only converting a small amount of people. (it was less than 1%) Grrrr!

I ended up firing my list!

I cordially uninvited people! ( Yes, my subject line read “You are cordially uninvited” – It worked!)

I’d rather have a smaller, very engaged list that actually want to hear from me – than hearing crickets because people don’t really want to be there.

My sweet and hard working maker – you’ve got this!

You’ve done the hard part – created your products, designed your brand image, your wholesale packages, built a website, and masterminded your business goals and strategies.

You will build one heck of a qualified list if…

…you take the time to engage

…give them great content

…talk about the benefits your product has in their lives 

And you will create one heck of a sustainable business because you took the time to do this!

Well, that was one hell of a soapbox moment!

I love you all!

I see how hard you have worked and (being an empath) feel your pain when it comes to marketing. 

It’s not hard (and not even that scary) once you commit to being consistent and take the time to use your words to attract your customers!

Okay, I’m done!  

Grab your Levels of Awareness worksheet

Grab your Levels of Awareness worksheet

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