By English: Circle of Toussaint Dubreuil - PHGCOM (2009), Public Domain,

By English: Circle of Toussaint Dubreuil – PHGCOM (2009), Public Domain,


“A chicken in every pot.”

A phrase claimed to have been part of Herbert Hoover’s campaign promises, but actually dates back to King Henry IV of France.

The king also said “Je veux qu’il ait si pauvere paysan en mon royaume qu’il n’ait tous les diamaches sa poule au pot.” Which means, “I wish that there would not be a peasant so poor in all my realm who would not have a chicken in his pot every Sunday.”

He was also known as Henry the Great!

It was the promise of, not just prosperity, but that every person in the kingdom was worthy of such basic necessities!

When seeing those words, not as a political campaign message, but as a heartfelt promise from a great king to his loyal citizens, it changes the perspective.

This first blog post since getting back from a trip to Iceland.

My perspective has changed!

Before I left I was feeling a bit adequate, yes, like many people feel when they put a lot efforts into a endeavor, but don’t really feel like the message is really touching people.

I’ll put more on life in perspective and a blog post on Christine but for today my perspective is also changed with business and content marketing.

The term content marketing is being used more and more, which is great!

The thing is, what I’m noticing, as I do my early-morning research, when I look at what other companies are doing online, when I see big brands trying to grow without incorporating the basics of content marketing into their site, it’s telling me that they don’t know what content strategy really means.

A campaign message or a true promise?

Content Marketing isn’t about writing a campaign promise, it’s about creating a message that reaches into the basic necessities of what people need – and then delivering it!

In this post, and from my new perspective on getting back to basics, I want to tell you a little bit about what you need on your website for a true content marketing strategy. (Oh wow, that sounds pretty boring especially after my adventurous trip in Iceland.)

We can look at it for the boring perspective of business, not that business is boring, just the perspective may be a bit boring.

What’s the purpose of content marketing?

This is where you really engage, inspire, rub up and get to know your community.

I hate to say it like this but, people don’t really care about you the products you sell or the services you have.

What people do care about is themselves, and how they feel.

People are so sidetracked in their lives and always thinking about what’s going on for them, issues, bills being paid, parenting, and “am I doing the right thing?”

When people go to a website and see products, offers, and a jumbled mess of graphics and sidebars splashed all over a homepage, what do you think that does?

First, confusion.

“Ahhhh, One more product someone’s trying to sell me!”

“Does anybody really care about me?”

You want your answer to be… Yes!

You want to be their answer because you have listened and you understand how he/she is feeling!

Do you do that by splashing your best offer on your homepage?

It may look good, but I want to have dinner and a glass of wine with you before I jump into bed with you.

I want to go on a couple of dates to see if you and I are compatible, and then I can decide if you are “the one.”

In my morning research, I can’t tell you how many e-commerce sites I go to (large and small businesses) and see that there is no blog anywhere to be found, or I may find it the link on the site map in the footer.

Your blog is a key piece of content marketing because it is helps people learn about you. This is where they start to feel you.

This is the first date, it’s your first cup of coffee together. If the conversation is good, maybe it’ll be dinner and a glass of wine next time.

Engaging with your audience and helping them to see who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help is the key to starting your empire.

It’s how you create a loyal and engaged audience – ones that want to know you! And, these are the people that will buy your products because you heard them, and gave them what they needed most.

Your blog IS like a chicken in every pot – it’s the humble beginnings of an amazing online reign.


<3 Christine


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