I absolutely LOVE crafty content!

There are times when content is … just content. Then there are times when the words encapsulate you and take you in!

Oh, how I love being embraced by witty and creative content that expresses the brand and brings me with it!

So, I decided I want to share my creative content finds with you, not only to share the creative brand, but to help you in your content journey.

Here are three companies I love!

Not only are they friends, and I use their soaps (because I’ve become a soap snob), but they have crafted content that expresses their brands so completely and makes them stand out in the crowd.

I also want to show you how content can set you apart from other people that make what you make.

This month is about soap.

Sudz By Studz

Sudz-By-Studz-Local-Kombucha-Deadsea-Clay-Charcoal-SoapDon’t you just love the name?

Preston & Tyler are two sassy studz that decided to turn their love of creating into a soap-making dream job! Their Kombucha Cleanser is artistry in personal cleansing. I love that the kombucha & lime scent is so earthy and clean smelling. And, their watermelon lip balm – oh baby! My lips never felt so soft. (I have to say, their lip balm is better than mine.)

Preston and Tyler know 2 key things: they know who they are and they know who their ideal customer is.

Their content speaks right to the heart of what their customers love about their products, and their product descriptions have wit and benefits all rolled into one paragraph.


Outlaw Soaps

I haven’t seen a more unique, or badass, line of soap than Danielle’s and Russ’ Outlaw Soaps. With every bar, I can just imagine gunslingers and saloon girls!

And bacon soap? Who woulda thunk!? Outlaw is all about living the adventurous life! My favorite soap of theirs, at least so far, is the Hair of the Dog soap! It’s whisky soap with a splash of coffee!

And, as far as marketing…Breaking Bath…genius!

They’ve really taken the content leap with their creativity and wordplay, then add their visuals, it’s super savvy small business marketing!

And then there’s…

Bathhouse Soapery and Caldarium

Southern charm, with a touch of shabby chic! I met Charlene at an event in Nashville, where I was taken away by her kindness, then add her unique business style, and I had an instant girl-crush.

The Tea Tree & Peppermint soap has turned my bathroom into a spa get-away every morning! The aroma rises with the steam and …ahhhhh!

The Hot Southern Mess soap has turned this northern gal into a southern woman, bless her heart! It’s my absolute favorite!

As far as marketing and content…it’s just as clean and creative as the soaps she makes!

Charlene’s visual content is sublime! Couple it with her southern written charm and this brand is a winner in my content book!

I did an interview with Charlene on my podcast, Creative Entrepreneurs Online Episode 3, which you can listen to RIGHT HERE. We had such fun, and could have talked all day!

Visual content goes hand in hand with your copy!

You can see with each of these brands how their unique approach to content has helped them carve out a corner of the handmade soap market.

You could say they definitely stand on their marketing soapbox!