Your brand is more than your colors.

It’s more than your fonts.

It’s more than the layout of your catalog or your product pages.

When we talk about brand, the one thing that we don’t really think about is the experience we want our customers to have when they read your messages.

We want to be able to create an experience for customers, and that experience should be part of your marketing strategy.

Your brand is about the experience.

When people come to your website, what do you want to give them?

You want to give them something!

Do you want to give them just product images?

Do you want to give them just a couple of photos?

Or do you want to give them an experience?

On today’s episode, I’ll talk about how to find just the right words to given dimension to your messages so that you’re creating an experience every time your customer reads your words.


Caroline Myss

Ba6 Marketing

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