Today, we’re gonna be talking about planning, based on some wisdom that my father told me years ago that I never listened to.

It was really like the eye roll when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I got older, actually when I had my own business that I started listening to that bit of advice that he gave me and it was all about planning.

And my dad used to say,

You’ve got to make your plan. And you’ve got to work your plan.

It’s all well and good to talk about make a plan and work your plan.

The hardest thing about that advice from my dad was I had no idea what to plan.

I was like, Okay, great. What do I do?
Why do I need to do that?
What plan am I planning?
What are we talking about?

Sure, you can say “let me make a plan.”

But do you know what to plan?

Do you know not only what to plan but how to go about planning it in a way that’s going to be the right plan forYOU?

There’s tons of advice out there on the internet.

You’ve seen it.

There are gurus and planners and planning books.

For YOUR plan to work, however, they all need to work together.

And your plan needs to stop you from feeling lost or stuck. Or wondering where do your go from here?

So…your plan.

Yes, you have to make one and then you have to work it.

What are those plans?

We’re going to talk about all the plans that work together?

Because really, you’re not going to just have one massive plan.

For a plan to work it has to be broken down into manageable pieces.

So pull your chair up to the kitchen table…and let’s get started


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