It’s Monday – hooray!

I’m not one of those people that lives for the weekend, because as an entrepreneur I can make any day a weekend!

Also, as an entrepreneur, I can make any day a work day (which is more the case.)

As much as I may research, analyze, strategize, and write most days, one thing I’ve been doing for the past few months sets my week up in a way most entrepreneurs should get used to doing.

How often do you get up from you chair, or away from your workbench, or your workstation, to move your body?

Work that body

Yes, rise out of your chair, actually walk away from your work and move!

Mind Body Green has an article that gives you 21 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Sit At Your Desk All Day.

I have to say I’m pretty much a fan of all 21 ways, with #3 and #14 I make regular habit of. Plus, I’m a runner and I ride a bike so I thought, with all this, I’m pretty healthy.

A CNN report gives some good reasons why standing more and sitting less is good – plus there cite some pretty interesting research.

The researchers of the study boiled down their findings to the simple message: “Stand up, sit less, move more.” The study was published last week in the European Heart Journal.
Although the research has been pretty clear that there are health benefits to not sitting, we are just starting to understand that standing alone may be a good alternative, said Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, director of preventive cardiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Lopez-Jimenez wrote an editorial that accompanied the study in the European Heart Journal.
“The reason [standing could be good] is because when we stand there are many muscles in our legs and butt and abdomen that are working to keep you standing,” he said. “Whenever muscle is used, it consumes sugar and affects triglycerides,” which could, in turn, lower cholesterol, Lopez-Jimenez said. Standing regularly could translate into lower diabetes and heart disease risk, he added.

Has any of this convinced you to sit less and stand more?

Getting up out of your seat is an important part of being a more “balanced” entrepreneur.

We can go, go, go and get consumed by work, work, work.

So sit less, stand more, it’s good for your body.

Now, how about what’s going on in your head?

Work that mind

Stresses? Monkey-mind? Trying to multi-task and finding that’s gone to shit?

I’m going to go back to the the part where I told you what I’ve been doing over the last couple of months that sets up my week – body and mind.

Not only do I want to feel healthy and strong in my body, I want to keep a sharp mind and I also want to feel young.

How about you?

How about switching stress off and feeling peaceful, even when that difficult client won’t let up?

What am I doing that sets up my week?


I’ve done yoga on and off over the years. I’ve found it beneficial, sure, but for some reason I haven’t stuck with it.

Sun salutation.

Mountain pose. Twists. Back bends. Triangle pose. Stretches.

It all felt good, but for me there was something not present. Too much routine, maybe. Not enough relaxation. Holding poses for longer than my body could manage.

And then I found Kim


Kim Jones of Urban Tranquility has set my body – and my head – straight!

No, Kim is not one of those hyer-spiritual gurus.

Kim’s roots are in IT (yes, tech) and found yoga and aromatherapy.

I’ve known Kim for a couple of years, and only recently got to really experience her yoga magic during an entrepreneurial retreat this past January in the Dominican Republic.

At one of our business sessions, Kim lead us through her style of relaxation yoga.

It’s not all loose muscles and laying around in shavasana.

Muscles are engaged while Kim leads us through a series of stretches and poses that are anything but your usual sun salutation.

At the end of the session I felt calm, stretched and engaged at the same time.

For our afternoon business sessions and presentations, not only was a wide awake (cuz you know how afternoon business sessions can feel) but I was mentally stimulated and alert.

A week or two after returning home from the retreat I wanted more!

I had tweaked my neck some time ago and was experiencing weeks of stabbing and pinching, even audibly yelping (I sounded like my dog) when I moved the wrong way.

When your business counts on you to produce, but you’re side-tracked by pain and discomfort, everything suffers. Your body. Your head. Your business.

I contacted my friend Kim and we set up our weekly Monday morning yoga.

Now the coolest part, I live on the east end of Long Island and Kim lives in Westchester. I didn’t have to travel to Kim, I didn’t even have to leave my house.

Kim does sessions over Facetime, Zoom or Skype (depending if it’s 1:1 or group.)

There’s no commute time.

There’s no bumping elbows with the person next to me.

And there’s no feeling inadequate because I can’t twist, bend or stretch like my neighbor on the next mat.

Benefits 1, 2 & 3 – check!

The main point for me is that it sets up my week.

I look forward to stretching and strengthening my body – ear to shoulder, isolate rather than extend your ribs. Arms out to the side, palms up but rotate from the armpit not the shoulder.

Holy mother of yoga, triangle pose never felt so good.

I also look forward to a clearer mind. Putting attention and focus on beneficial moves means there’s not room for whirling thoughts.

I also needed to alleviate the discomfort in my neck – it was keeping me from sleeping, my usual exercise, and from what I do, writing copy and content.

Whatever Yogi Kim is doing – or how I’m engaging in this yoga – my mind feels more alert (even after wine on the weekend,) I’m less stressed about all the to-dos on my list and the work projects for the week.

My 3am monkey-mind isn’t rattling off the data and research, I’m able to table those discussions for the morning.

And the neck thing, it’s almost back to normal.

This all means that I’m a happier person (and when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.) I can comfortably stand (remember, less sitting) at my desk to focus on my business. And my head, yeah it’s interesting how I feel more peaceful when deadlines are approaching and the stress level is on the rise.

So you can get a feel for Kim’s style and presence in her Yoga, here is a TED Talk by her teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch.

At 98, I want to be like Tao!


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