On Tuesday 4/19, I stepped out of my content marketing comfort zone and added a new media/platform to use to reach my audience.


What is it?




Now, I don’t love doing video – I feel self-conscious – but, I know it’s such a good way to connect with my ideal audience. My comfort zone is podcasting, blogging and of course email marketing.


When I went to broadcast, I wasn’t sure how my phone screen should look. Should I be looking at myself?


Being A Newbie


Being such a newbie, I just started the broadcast. I could see the hearts and the comments. All seemed to be working fine.


My broadcast was over.


I went to review the replay, and what do you think I saw?


Wait for it…


The sliding glass doors in my kitchen. (See post image about…my kitchen.)


I did the entire broadcast that way.


I didn’t realize that all I had to do was double-tap the screen to turn the screen around. I don’t know what I was thinking.


I announced my failure – out loud!


Instead of crawling under a rock…I announced my huge epic fail. Hey, I’m okay with failing in public if it’s for a good lesson.


I proceeded to do a broadcast on FB Live – all went well.


And then, back to Periscope.


I wasn’t about to let it get the best of me. I was determined to get that first (or second in my case) broadcast under my belt. And, certainly wasn’t going to let Periscope get the last laugh.


The lesson here?


We all fail.


It’s how we fail that makes a difference. You can’t crawl under a rock, or act like it didn’t happen. Why not admit to it, “wow, that was stupid” and use it to help other people learn from your mistake.


Now go forth and fail – I want to hear about it!


<3 Christine