Captivate Your Reader With A Compelling Visual

What is your strategy, your mission when it comes to your content? To get your content noticed and read.

To get your content not only read, but remembered in the crowded online marketplace, you need to stand out. Being different can be very beneficial when it comes to attracting attention to your work.

Creating a different spin in your content marketing is a good thing, after all, people love a good twist on a well known story. In your quest to be different, however, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

A Good Visual is Worth A Thousand Words

I still don’t get the car commercial that features giant hamsters jammin’ to tunes while driving, then again, maybe I’m not part of their target market.

Relevancy has a lot to do with conversion. I can’t even remember the car brand that features the hamsters…which is not a good thing. It’s not relevant to selling a car, maybe selling a hamster, but not a car. And, the image that is branded into my mind has me turned off from ever getting a hamster.

Yes, you want people to be attracted to your content and you want it to be relevant to your specialty. Make it valuable enough that they read it and come back again. When they come back again, they buy.

This is where your visual can boost your conversion.

Most of what our brain processes is based first on visual impressions. According to Content Marketing Phillipines…93% of communication is non-verbal. We take in an image and base our choices on how we react to the image. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes to decode text. Marketing statistics from HubSpot shows pages with images or video draw 94% more views. (I like them stats!)

Think about how you feel and how you react when you see an image. It doesn’t matter which language you speak in order to have an image speak to you.

Why do you think Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are so hot? (And the puppy and kitty videos?)

The use of imagery was introduced at the dawn of advertising to impact a brand’s influence on potential customers. Imagery can effect how you feel, not only in the moment, but it can impact your life for years.

We even use imagery to help us perform better, live a better life, and find the “right” house. It’s called guided imagery and is a very powerful tool in brain science.

So yes, using images in your content marketing can help you build trust, show off your swanky product packaging, and create a social following.

But more than that, you’ll be in the thoughts and memories of your ideal audience…for years to come.

Tip 1: Though a stock photo may seem like a good idea, think about how many people have used the same image. You want to be unique, not common.

Tip 2: Don’t just grab any old image off the internet – there are copyright laws that apply. You don’t want to get caught using an image without permission.

Tip 3: Whether you get a royalty-free photo or purchase one from Shutterstock, 123rf, iStock, or Fotolio, you can make it more your own by using your creative talents in a photo editor.

Tip 4: Grab your reader’s attention by adding a headline to your image.

Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words. Your words are worth your reader’s attention! With the online world as fast-paced and congested as it is, you’ll need to stand out and rise above the crowd. When you take a little extra time to craft a compelling visual, your audience will notice!

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