I know, you want to stay on theme, stay on the topic of your brand and by all means, align with your niche.

The Holidays Give You So Much To Write About

The great thing about the holidays are, there is so much to write (and talk) about! There’s the spirit, the food, the decorations, the wine, the family, the snow (or lack of snow), the gifts, and good old fashion being together.

I know how busy you are cranking out your products, and it’s easy to take your marketing off your to-do list. (I mean, if you have to take something off your super-sized to-do list, why wouldn’t it be marketing – right?)

As this is a giving season, what better time to give, give, give of yourself than with your content.

People on the other side of the counter probably have a to-do list that looks like yours.

They come home tired. Or, they’re working late and need a little distraction for a few minutes – why not read emails!

Reading joyful and fun content is not only a great way to get distracted from the every day “stuff” of life, it’s a great way to be inspired!

So, reach into your fuzzy red bag of gifts and pull out the good stuff and Deck your customers Halls with your words!

Here are couple of email/blog post ideas to spark your flame and get your tinsel sparkling:

How To (anything!) People LOVE a quick how to.

How to make the best cup of holiday cocoa by adding this secret ingredient.

How to put sparkle to your holiday soap sales.

How to keep your holiday skin jolly and bright.

How to wow your guests by playing Silent Night – on your guitar.

Visuals and memes are a great way to spread a little peace and joy – or fun and games – during the holidays.

Find some great photos, add a quote, a whallah, you have a sharable inspiration!

Get playful. Have fun! And, spread some joy, laughter and love!

Stay Merry and Bright and Write On!

<3 Christine

P.S. If you have friend, colleagues or playmates that would could find this content helpful, PLEASE share!